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Slip Sliden Away…

Before you read this first piece, a definition is necessary. Those born between 1980 to the mid-1990’s are millennials. So today, millennials are in their mid-thirties. One more thing to know: A third of the world’s Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

Now read this: More than one-fifth of millennials in the U.S – 22%, have not heard of, or are not aware of the Holocaust. Two-thirds of millennials could not identify what Auschwitz was. 41% of millennials believe two million Jews or fewer were killed during the Holocaust.

Nothing much more to say on this very sad state of affairs of the education system. It’s pathetic.

Last week, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party said that the NAFTA talks were going well and could be finished by the end of this week. Uh, that’s not quite what Trump said today. “It could be three or four weeks, it could be two months, it could be five months. I don’t care.”

He doesn’t care how long they take, is in no rush to finish them and is focusing on agriculture, which for Canadians hopefully means the dairy industry which needs a complete overhaul. Let’s just say that Justin should be a bit more tight-lipped if he’s going to say things in Trump’s name.

One of the more interesting tidbits of information to emerge from Zuckerberg’s testimony is the following:

Zuckerberg was asked how many data points (a discrete unit of your information) does Facebook have on each Facebook user. He didn’t know.

The answer, he was told,  is tens of thousands of data points on those who use the platform as well over a thousand data points on those who do not even use Facebook.

So the average for non-Facebook platforms is 1,500 data points. For the average Facebook user it’s as many as 29,000 data points. Blanche, do you think Facebook knows how many times we use the loo each day?

Why is it that liberals have to get their views out in places where it makes zero difference?

Today, Cory Booker, an African American Democratic Senator (NJ) was asking CIA Director Mike Pompeo (during his Senate confirmation hearing to be the next Secretary of State) his views on gay people and the LGBT community.

Booker asked Pompeo if he thought being gay was a perversion. He went on to ask even more pointed and intimate questions, with zero relevance to the confirmation hearing. Are these people out of their minds? What does that have to do with being Secretary of State?

It falls in the same category as Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government forcing students to answer if they are pro-abortion on their summer job application. If they did not answer or answered the wrong way, their application is null and void. Very special people.

Blanche, you remember when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize? For no reason? Well, it appears that the Nobel academy as it is called, is in the midst of a scandal. Say what?

There’s a guy by the name of Arneault who was accused of sexual harassment, financial improprieties (Like that? He stole money.) Of course Arneault denied all charges (they always do). Said Arneault the Nobel academy thinks, was the leaker of the winners of the Nobel literature prize for many years. What?

Who cares about the Nobel prize? After Obama’s peace prize, the academy made total fools of themselves. They are in the same vein as the ‘olympic committee’. In the end, everything comes out in the wash, eh Blanche?

The weather is going to be the story this weekend. Winter has yet to grasp the date – mid-April, nor that it ended March 21. It is becoming a bad smell that won’t leave.

From Friday night until Monday night and maybe further, we will be having snow, freezing rain, biting winds and who knows what else. If you took off your snow tires, we wish you the best of luck. Perhaps call in sick cause your car will be slip, sliden away.

While we don’t want to harp on the point, it needs harping. Nobody went after Hillary Clinton when she erased 30,000 emails, many of them top secret because she had her email server in her closet.

While Trump can be challenging to say the least, setting the dogs on his lawyer because they can’t get him on Russian collusion is as low and dirty as it gets.

We wonder why Trump doesn’t retaliate and go after Hillary. Just saying.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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