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Justin is hanging onto his job like a desperate man clinging to a piece of wood after his boat capsized in a storm in the Atlantic ocean. Although we don't like polls as very often they are wrong, we - and it appears much of the media - believe these polls.

Interesting that the media is pushing numbers which show that Poilievre and the conservative party are in majority territory should an election be called. Even in Quebec, where they don't normally do well, they are basically tied with the liberals. Clearly Justin has lost his lustre. Hehehehe.

The big elephant in the room is who is going to replace him.

Do not suggest Chrystia Freeland. As far as we are concerned she's been in bed - we hope not literally - with Justin for way too long. She's part of the liberal problem not the solution. And not to be catty (meow, meow), she needs a complete makeover. Does the woman not own a mirror?

Anita Anand is another one gunning for the job. She was the procurement minister during covid and while she got the goods to Canada, she was tainted with all the mismanagement of Justin's bureaucrats.

Mark Carney's name is being thrown into the ring. While he is not tainted with anything Justin did, he also never held a political office. He was appointed Governor of the Bank of Canada in February 2008, for a term of seven years. After five and half years he left the Bank of Canada on to become the Governor of the Bank of England. So the only good thing about him is his distance from Justin.

The bottom line here is Justin is fighting tooth and nail to keep his job. He reminds us of little dictators who find it impossible to relinquish power. One thing we can say with certainty - if he doesn't go on his own, it will be ugly and he will be unceremoniously kicked out - as we are guessing happened with his wife Sophie.

Blanche, don't you wonder who in their right mind would fly on a private plane with the leader of the Wagner gang Yevgeny Prigozhin, who tried no less to overthrow Putin?

'Somehow' Yevgeny Prigozhin's plane fell out of the sky. Somehow...

The kicker of this story is that Putin himself is doing the investigation. If you ever wanted to see the wolf 'taking care' of the henhouse, this is it.

It appears that ten of Prigozhin's top generals were with him. He was literally a dead man walking, so either they were forced to go or they were drugged. It cannot possibly be that they were stupid enough to go with him on their own. Or can it?

Would you look at that. Bernie Drainville, quebec's education minister (now that's an oxymoron), said that in fact the government is short 5000 teachers and auxiliary positions. Not, as he said in a complete panic at a press conference - 8,558 teaching positions. Or maybe he slipped and it really is that many. Or maybe it's way more.

Let's be very realistic and call a spade a spade. The english school system in quebec is far superior to the french system. For starters there are many more private schools. So who is going to suffer because there is a babysitter and not a teacher in the classroom? The czar legault's rural base.

Will they care that their 16 year old son drops out of school because there is no teacher or no resource room? Who knows. Maybe they think their little prodigies can work in the bloated quebec bureaucracy with a 10th grade education?

Wait a minute. They are probably right, given the way construction is done in this province. Clearly anyone who can walk and chew gum at the same time can be a 'manager'.

Drainville as education minister? Seriously? We're not sure who's more of a dufus - the czar legault for putting him into that portfolio or Drainville himself.

The best line we heard about Donald Trump and all the indictments against him is this: The democratic party are his best campaign managers.

His mug shot, which is now probably the most viewed picture on social media, produced $7.1 million in donations and still counting. As a matter of fact, that punim (face) has become one of the most recognized in the world.

His name is in the news day and night, seven days a week. Nobody is talking about anything else. And this is supposed to stop him from becoming president again? The liberal woke tree-huggers have officially gone off the deep end.

Here's a headline peeps: If the democrats don't get their act together and dump Biden, Trump is winning in 2024. And if they are dumb enough to put that machsheva - witch - Kamala Harris on the ticket, well, bob's your uncle and you can say President Trump for another 4 years.

This next piece will give you hope and make you realize that not everyone is a liberal, woke, save-the-tree-turtles-whales vegan eating save-the chickens person.

Did you know that there is a Mrs. America Beauty Pageant? Yes dearies. And there was a winner - a mother of seven children who is still skinny and very pretty. But we digress.

She was asked when she felt most empowered. Her response:

“I have felt this feeling seven times now as I bring these sacred souls to the earth. After I hold that newborn baby in my arms, the feeling of motherhood and bringing them to the earth is the most empowering feeling I have ever felt."

Bada bing bada boom. She's normal. She has children. She's not polluting the world. She's adding to the betterment of the world. A breath of fresh air. Literally.

One more thing about Trump and his new campaign managers - the democrats. Lest you think they are not trying to get rid of him, read the next few lines. Without a doubt they are trying to sabotage his run for president. Here ya go:

...Trump's federal election interference trial in Washington, D.C., for March 4. Super Tuesday is... March 5.

...A defamation lawsuit is set to go to trial on January 15, 2024 — coinciding with the first-in-the-nation Iowa Republican presidential caucus.

...A hush-money criminal case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is scheduled to go to trial on March 25, a date that is right in the middle of a slate of key election contests. States poised to hold March 19 primaries include Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio. Louisiana holds its primary on March 23, while Wisconsin has its primary set for April 2.

What the democrats are doing is going to seriously backfire on them. Everybody - including some of Trump's less educated supporters can read a calendar. When they see what's happening you can be very certain more money will begin pouring into Trump's coffers.

The dems are so blatant in their machinations that they are beginning to look like the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

We'll talk...

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