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Blanche, do you think it’s time that Justin leveled with the Canadian people instead of treating us like stupid sheep? Just tell it straight. Either you know or you don’t know when we will be getting the vaccines. There is no middle ground here. 

For sure we didn’t pay enough. Next, our procurement minister is inexperienced  and seemingly fearful of riling up the pharmaceutical companies. Before this job she was a law professor and therefore has less than zero experience and even less than zero contacts needed for this field.

She fits the profile of Justin’s choices for important positions in his orb: She was chosen because a) she’s a woman and b) she’s the first Canadian of Hindu background to become a federal minister in Canada. For him that’s a big whoop. Clearly she was not properly vetted for such a crucial position during our pandemic crisis and we are now going to pay the price for his complete incompetence – yet again.

Can you imagine if she was fired right after Payette for the same reason? Poorly vetted? That’s the case but Justin will hold onto her to save his political career and you and I are his scapegoats.

Speaking of Payette, the damning report came out today. Ya think Justin was trying to get ahead of this? Just get it out there, let people froth at the mouth for a day or two and it’s over. Doesn’t quite work like that.

Payette and her secretary, Assunta Di Lorenzo, who is in hiding and has retained Marie Henein’s firm to represent her, ran what appears to be a little fiefdom complete with their own special kind of punishments for those they didn’t like – which from reading parts of the report appears to be anyone who worked for them.

Di Lorenzo obviously figured out that she’s going to be sued for harassment. Payette must think herself bullet-proof. Good to have such a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Is the Canadian government moronic? Pfizer is telling them to get six doses per vial and Fortin who is in charge of getting the vaccines out said the Canadian government will get five doses. Health Canada better get their act together or again, we will be at the wrong end of the stick. Wait. We are already at the wrong end. 

We now need a special syringe for the sixth dose and we don’t have them. Seriously how stupid can Health Canada be? Just do what you have to do, get the syringes and get the vaccines here. Confusion reigns supreme here.

Here’s something to sink your teeth into. Why do you think Joe Biden was elected? He was elected to accomplish two things: a) get rid of Donald Trump and b) get a handle on the pandemic. Everything else is noise and payback.

Now get this one: It will greatly benefit the Democratic party if Trump is not impeached and it is their greatest wish, contrary to what Nancy Pelosi is spouting. Not only that, if Trump forms his own party, which is already called the Patriot Party, the Democrats will be dancing in the streets. Why you ask?

Because Trump will divide the Republican party straight down the middle and the Democrats will win the next five elections. This is one of the greatest set-ups of our time and Trump conveniently played right into their hands with that January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. He will be tried, not impeached and go on to rally his supporters with or without social media. Just watch.

We saved the eye-glazing piece for last. Wall Street and what’s going on there. Finally, we found someone who explained it for those of us who can’t figure out what the heck is going on. Fasten your seatbelts.

First some definitions:

What is GameStop”? A chain of 5,000 retail stores nationwide, selling and renting video games, which had been looked at as obsolete by Wall Street investors because people play video games online now, rather than buying physical video games to bring home.

What is shorting a stock”? An investor, called a “short seller,” believing the market value of a certain stock is going to plunge, borrows that stock from a lender, sells it to a buyer, then, after the value has dipped, buys it back for less than what he made selling it, thus turning a profit, then returns it to the lender.

What is a short squeeze”? A “short seller” discovers he made a mistake— the value of the stock he sold goes up instead of down. This forces him to buy it back as quickly as he can before the value goes higher, often at a loss vis-a-vis what he sold it for, then returns it to the lender.

Now for what’s happening:

…GameStop started in January valued at $17.25, and had been heavily “shorted,” meaning many Wall Street hedge-fund short-sellers expected the firm to collapse and the value to plunge with it. A Wall Street hedge fund manager, Andrew Left from Citron Research, shorted GameStop, then “held a livestream presentation arguing the stock would fall by 50%.

…Then users of the Reddit group WallStreetBets, led by a financial guru known as “Roaring Kitty” (who had reportedly invested roughly $56,000 to build a stake of 50,000 shares in GameStop), sensing they could execute a “short squeeze” on the Wall Street investors, urged millions of members to buy and hold GameStop stock.

…That forced the hedge funds to bid for the shares as quickly as they could before the value soared even further. That buying only fueled the value of the stock to soar further.

…By yesterday GameStop’s value had skyrocketed to $347.51 (remember it started at $17.25).

…The small investors who caused the price to soar used free trading apps such as Robinhood to buy the GameStop stock.

…Yhe New York Stock Exchange was urged suspend GameStop for 30 days. “This isn’t investing, this is gambling. This is obviously contrived. … It’s diminishing the integrity of the marketplace and it´s putting individual investors at risk.”

Guess what? The stock market is one big gambling casino. Seems like the emperor has no clothes on right now.

A correction from our last blog thanks to our astute readers: The bust in Biden’s office is Cesar Chavez an American union leader, not Che Guevara.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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