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Spring Has Sprung? Not.

Today is May 1, which in the rest of the world is International Workers Day. It’s a good excuse to hold a march or parade and then trash cities, as they did in Paris with hooded and masked ‘individuals’ creating havoc. Can’t people just have a march and leave it at that? Seriously, what’s with those 20 something year old men and their great need to destroy other people’s property. Where did they grow up and who brought them up?

Blanche, you know how sometimes people have a ‘slush’ fund to buy presents or maybe go out to eat once in a while? They put aside, oh, let’s say $500 for incidentals.

Well, it appears that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also has a slush fund. Except that his slush fund is $7 Billion. Yup, you read that correctly.

A list adding up to $7 billion is listed in a one-page annex to the major budget document. One of the reasons cited by the government for this money is, and we quote: “to provide more coherent information to Parliamentarians.” Nothing the Prime Minister says is coherent, so maybe this is one way to get his points across. Pretty expensive way to getting people to understand you, eh?

This past weekend was the White House Correspondents Dinner. For entertainment, they brought in a woman by the name of Michelle Wolf who everyone knew has, to put it very mildly, no filter. She tries to grind people into the ground with her insults.

Whadda ya know, she was insulting, degrading and gross. She went after Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was sitting the in audience and to her credit, Sarah did not flinch at Wolf’s disgusting, repulsive attack on her. Wolf was so beyond the pale that C-SPAN had to cut off its coverage of the event.

When Obama was president, you can bet your bippy that Wolf would not have been hired. With Trump, it’s open season as long as you are a democrat and can breath and chew gum at the same time.

Here’s a headline for the Dems: You are not doing yourself any favours by lowering yourselves to having such a woman represent you at this dinner. If you want to keep Trump in office for another four years, continue in this vein.

In case you didn’t think that the Mosad, Israel’s intelligence agency is the best in the world, think again. They are the best in the world. For one thing, they are not caught up like the FBI or CIA with trying to dump Trump.

Netanyahu presented evidence yesterday that in the years before the agreement signed by  darling Obama, Iran was working on nuclear weapons while claiming to be pursuing civilian nuclear power. Oops. And wouldn’t you know it, Obama and Hillary believed they were just trying to help their citizens.

Netanyahu said Israeli intelligence had obtained thousands of files of Iran’s atomic archives from what looked like “a dilapidated warehouse” in Tehran.

With those files, Israel can prove that Iran had “a comprehensive program to design, build and test nuclear weapons. The documents show that Iran has had “an active program of concealing their nuclear weapons program” and that while governed by the nuclear deal, Tehran purposefully hid information about its past behavior.

Bibi questioned whether inspection could adequately keep Iran from developing weapons in the future. We are not anywhere near the Middle East, nor can we check vos titz ach – what’s doing there. But we can tell you that Iran is lying and always was. Obama wanted that deal to make himself look like he actually accomplished something in foreign relations. He didn’t.

We don’t usually talk about the weather and we know that Montreal really doesn’t do spring, it’s enough already. Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday rain is predicted. Saturday is better. Blanche, you do know that once it gets warm the temperature will shoot up to 30, or if you went to school in the 60’s – the 90’s.

Spring is a word in the dictionary, not a season in Montreal. Once we get that straightened out, we won’t be disappointed.

We’ll talk…

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