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Stormy Story Still Sizzling

Literally buried in the back pages of the National Post was an article about NAFTA and what’s holding up the negotiations. It’s the dairy industry.

Chuck Schumer,  who we are no fan of, said that before any trade agreement is signed, Canada’s dairy market has to be changed. No kidding.

Schumer said Canada’s ‘dairy wall’ had to come down because US dairy farmers are not competing on a level playing field.

How about this: Canada’s citizens are being held hostage by the dairy industry because of the capping of imports and limits on competition. Those who keep kosher are particularly at the mercy of this dairy ‘communist party’ as one company by the name of Nature’s Best took advantage of a small piece of legislation.

If cheese can be produced in Canada – which they do, then imports are verboten. Unfortunately, this cheese company produces inferior products. The result is that said legislation has totally eliminated all other cheeses from coming into Canada.

As we have said on more than one occasion, last we looked this is not mother Russia. This is a democracy where trade should be not only allowed, but encouraged. Otherwise we wind up like Russia with no incentive to create better products.

Blanche, is Barbara Bush dead? No? So why are people eulogizing her? Yes, she’s very, very ill. But can’t people wait until the inevitable happens before starting to talk about her like she’s already gone?

Hillary Clinton felt it necessary to chime in today. Take a chill pill and wait until the time is appropriate. Somehow this woman always manages to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. She has made her bad timing into an art.

Imagine you are sitting in your seat on a smallish airplane, looking out at the clouds, minding your own business. Suddenly there is a huge explosion. An engine flies off the plane at 30,000 feet in the air, a window blows out and a woman is almost sucked out of the plane.

This is not from a movie. This happened today on a Southwest Airlines flight en route from New York to Dallas. Sadly, one person died on this flight. Go know that Southwest Airlines is one of the safest airlines flying today.

We are thinking that being packed in like sardines did not help the situation. Seems people were losing their cookies all over the place. And of course, with everyone’s cell phones working, the entire incident was streamed live on Facebook. Oy.

Read this and weep: As part of its ‘long-term plan’ to modernize Montreal’s aging infrastructure, the city will spend $1.1 billion in 2018 to repair and upgrade roads, water mains and sewers — the largest amount ever spent in one year.

One minute. Didn’t we just spend the last few years with the same mantra from the previous administration, giving Montreal the nickname The Orange Cone city?

It gets better. Valerie Plante, Montreal’s new mayor, will spend $490 million more than the Coderre administration. While you thought Coderre was fixing the roads, those orange cones were just a ruse. It appears that instead  Coderre spent his time (and our money) on 375th birthday party celebrations.

Let’s hope in his new job at the Jewish General Hospital no one lets him near that institution’s money. He might want to build a path that goes from the hospital to the Kosher Quality Bakery akin to the path that was supposed to be built from the top of Peel to Montreal’s pier.

And one more thing in case you were not frustrated enough by politicians who have zero idea what they are doing and could care less about spending your money: In the future, when the city digs up a street, it will make sure the road is redesigned so it is suitable for cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

“We don’t want to dig up the street and rebuild it the way it was previously because these streets were built 50 years ago. We want to see if we can change the street, perhaps by widening the sidewalk and adding trees if there are none.”

We want to see if we can change the street? This is the plan? We’ll see if…Montreal is run by dolts and total incompetents.

If you are trying to keep score in the Trump, Cohen, Hannity, Stormy affair, we will try to help you.

Last week, the FBI seized documents in a raid on Michael Cohen’s home, office, and hotel room. He is Trump’s lawyer/fixer person.

Yesterday was Cohen’s day in court. His lawyer mentioned that he mainly worked with two clients in the past year other than Trump. One was identified, the other remained a mystery until yesterday. Quel surprise: It was none other than Sean Hannity, Trump’s cheerleader on Fox News.

Hannity doth protest, saying Cohen never represented him, they just had some brief conversations about real estate deals. Uh, Cohen has zippo to do with real estate. Today Fox News came out and said that after speaking to Hannity, they are keeping him.

In the meantime, Stormy came to court yesterday, why a huge mystery, and caused one of the biggest media circuses that New York has ever seen. She made sure that she fit her name and shall we say, occupation by wearing six-inch stilettos. Oh wait. She tripped going up the stairs with said shoes but mercifully, one of her three m.a.s.s.i.v.e body guards caught her.

If you are wondering what’s coming next, here ya go: everyone is fighting over whether the documents the FBI seized are protected by attorney-client privilege. Stay tuned.

Heads up coffee drinkers. On May 29, Starbucks is closing all of its company-owned restaurants in the U.S. – that would be 8,000 stores with 175,000 employees, during that afternoon to conduct a racial-bias education program.

What brought this on? Two black men entered a Starbucks in Philadelphia and asked to use to the loo. An employee told them it was only for paying customers. When they then sat in the store without ordering anything, the manager called the police, and the men were arrested for trespassing. No charges were filed.

Can we talk? Is this not overkill? Starbucks is already a very liberal company, making sure your coffee cups has genderless names. Could it be that the employees of this particular Starbucks need some, shall we say, educating? Certainly not all 175,000 employees. Liberals need help.

We’ll talk…

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