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This morning we happened to hear an interview with Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada. To say we were less than impressed would be a gross understatement. Mr. Blair was well coached by Justin on how not to respond to a direct question and has mastered this art perfectly. 

Asked repeatedly by the announcer when he thinks Canada will allow its citizens to enter the US, he answered completely in the abstract, citing statistics, how his government has to keep Canadians safe, how they are looking at multiple charts and talking to many doctors etc etc.

Did you hear an answer to the question when the borders will open? No because he didn’t give an answer. And do you know why? Because they don’t know and keep changing the goal posts.

Israel, who will be completely open to tourists as of July 1, has only 58% of their population vaccinated and has almost zero covid cases or variant cases. Here Justin and his cohorts decided that 75% was the number of vaccinated people needed to ‘open’ the country.

Here’s a headline for you: 75% is an arbitrary number. It means nothing. In fact, we have reached 75% of one-dose vaccinated people but they changed the rules and now it’s two-dose vaccinated. We are beginning to look like Australia where they seem to be permanently locked out of the rest of the world.

“I was personally on hold on the phone line at the Ministry of Culture and was shocked to hear an American singer singing a little song in English,” said Quebec’s minister of culture, Nathalie Roy. Oy. Shreklach. Horrors.

She was shocked to hear an American singer in an elevator in Quebec? Don’t tell us she doesn’t watch Netflix or that she only listens to quebec singers. Spare us. Everyone knows  that politicians decide what is good for the little peeps but for them it’s a different story. We wonder if she sends her kids to private schools where, you can bet your bippy, they are learning the language of the rest of the world which, much to the irritation of the french here, is English.

This is simply another small nail in the coffin for the English speaking community here. The crazy part is, it will be french Canadian young adults who will bear the brunt of Papa Legault’s drip, drip drip of erasing English as they will be shut out of English higher education.

Canada got its five minutes of fame on Drudge yesterday with this headline: DEFIANT CANADA KEEPS BORDER SHUT.

Lest you get excited about our fame, save your pride for something else. This headline is not one of positivity, rather it is one that makes Justin and his health and tourist ministers look like they don’t know what they are doing. Which is incorrect because they know very well what they are doing. Keep reading.

The carrot yesterday was that if a Canadian who traveled was double vaccinated they don’t have to go to the dreaded hotel quarantine or, quarantine at all for that matter.

Of course if you have young children who cannot be vaccinated, they have to quarantine for two weeks. Now, you could send them to the hotel to quarantine, leave them there for the two weeks and hope for the best. Or, you could stay home with them for two weeks in case they breathe on someone or give out random kisses.

Justin and his self-serving ministers have zero skin in the game. They have single-handledly killed the tourist industry for the second year in a row by saying: Canada would start cautiously lifting border restrictions for fully vaccinated citizens on July 5 but made clear it would be months before U.S. and other foreign travelers could enter the country.

End of tourist industry. If you have an airbnb, a bed and breakfast, a small hotel, a campsite on either side of the border, you can shutdown till next summer.

Justin wants to ‘keep us safe’. That line worked last summer before 75% of the population was vaccinated. This summer? It’s dead in the water and he knows it.

So why is he doing this? Because he read a poll that said 69% of Canadians want to keep the borders shut. And he wants votes and will sell out whoever is necessary to get those votes and this time it’s the tourist industry.This has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics.

Laurel Hubbard is competing as a female weightlifter at the olympics in Toyko. In 2013, Hubbard competed in men’s weightlifting because then her name was Gavin Hubbard and she was a he.

Peeps – you can kiss any fairness at the olympics goodbye with this one. Laurel Hubbard has the body and no doubt the strength of a man. If she who was born a he  is now a she,  then she should not be allowed to compete in any competitions against women as there is no doubt that even though he is now a she,  her strength is that of a man.

Justin does not know what the hell he is saying. He said today at a press conference that if you are fully vaccinated you won’t get covid but you can give it. No. That is Justin trying to convince people that he knows what he’s doing by keeping Americans and any other people out of Canada. 

Here’s a question for Justin: In two months, when those same double vaccinated Americans may be allowed into Canada, then they won’t be able to transmit the disease? But now they can?

There are no words for how moronic, unintelligent and foolish he sounds. None.

We’ll talk…

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