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Seriously, the Queen cannot catch a break. Last week we read that squeaky clean William seems to have had an affair. Is it true? Who knows? It’s out there and usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire. One thing is for sure…he doesn’t have very good role models. His wife Kate is taking a page out of Hillary Clinton’s book and standing by her man.

Now the Queen’s son Andrew is back in the limelight front and center. The woman who accused him of serious sexual charges and as such is suing him, seems to have cut a deal with Epstein in 2009. She agreed to take half a million dollars for her silence – not divulging any names, including royals.

Today, Andrew’s lawyers are in court saying that this woman’s suit against Andrew should be thrown out because of her 2009 deal. Does it matter at this point?

Any man who had his picture taken with Epstein no less in his house or on his plane, was there for one reason only and it wasn’t to make smoothies or to learn how to bake a cake. These dudes can protest their innocence till the cows come home. Everybody knows what really happened. Moo.

Of all the edicts Papa Legault dropped last week, closing the stores on Sunday was the most absurd. And shutting down restaurants with a few hours notice, leaving owners with thousands of dollars of food that was sure to spoil should be viewed as robbery. As there is no way Papa Legault is going to refund them, he and his entire entourage should take a 50% cut in their own salaries to see how the little peeps live. But we digress.

We also have the distinction of being the only city in North America to have a curfew. Until today, you couldn’t even walk your dog after 10:00 pm. Papa Legault kindly rescinded that part as he no doubt realized that Fido can’t tell time. When he’s gotta go, he’s gotta go and scooping up hot dog poop from the carpet in your living room was not an option.

Now for closing stores on Sunday. Does Papa Legault really think that the virus is not in the stores Monday thru Saturday? That it’s only contagious on Sundays? Does he think that keeping people out of the stores on Sunday is going to deflect the real issue of a healthcare system that is completely overrun? Maybe for his rural base, but certainly not in Montreal where people are actually educated.

If you are closing the stores, then shut down the whole place. If not, then closing on Sunday is a moronic move. Oh wait. It comes from a moronic government so what are we even thinking?

That big mouth AOC – Alexandra Ocasio Cortez was caught, as all obnoxious, entitled people usually are, thinking that has her own, personal set of rules. She needed to go Miami Beach where she didn’t have to wear a mask nor show a vaccination passport to have a drink as she was doing. All of this as New York City was being decimated by a record number of coronavirus cases.

We will remind you that Ms. AOC was the first one to set her claws into Ted Cruz for briefly going to Cancun earlier this year as the state of Texas dealt with a storm crisis. Now she ran away to Florida so as not to have to deal with the NY covid crisis.

As one person so aptly tweeted: Like other communists, @AOC is a hypocrite and an all around turd. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

This coming Thursday is January 6. We will remind you that is the first anniversary of the riot/mob/storming of the Capitol Building. Instead of just letting the day come and go, Trump has decided that he needs to speak.

Say what you want about that day. It happened, we watched it unfold on television and no matter what Trump says, he cannot deny the facts. Although it will be impossible, he should just keep his big mouth shut.

And if you think the Democrats are any better, think again. Biden’s approval rating is dropping like a stone with people finally understanding that he, his sidekick Kamala Harris and all the other dufeses around him, are in way over their heads. He has a 43% approval rating and a 51% disapproval rating. That’s bad.

All of this to say that the US is in no better shape than we are here, both federally and provincially.

Here Trudeau knows how to spend money and be a drama queen. His opposition in the form of O’Toole is invisible. Papa Legault has a black woman as his opposition. Nothing to talk about there.

All in all, nobody’s running the show anywhere. We’re on our own folks.

And if you think we’re kidding how about this: No more covid testing here. If you’re sick stay home for five days. If you’re still sick stay home until you’re better.

Remember we told you the Canadian army is coming to la belle province? Well peeps, they’re here. 200 personnel are being deployed at vaccination centres in Montreal.

And why were they called? Because Papa Legault didn’t have enough people to dole out the booster vaccine, which is why it was only given to older folks. Now that they have arrived, he will proudly announce that the booster is available for everyone.

We have one question: What if not all of the army people speak French, which they don’t? Will they have to take a french test? Will they not be allowed to eat poutine? How convenient it is to call on Canada and ignore the french language issue when you are between a rock and a hard place. This whole french language issue is one big crock and now everyone can see it for themselves.

We’ll talk…

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