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One would think 'they' - those in la belle province voted into power over the past 25 years- would have listened to at least some of the recommendations coming out of the 1998 ice storm.

In fact, they listened to nothing as well over 1 million people were without power from an ice storm that lasted about 6 hours. We are into day 6 and people still do not have power. Many just got it back last night.

All 'they' had to do was follow the recommendations given by the auditor general - on three different occasions - to a) bury the power lines and b) make sure the trees are trimmed around power lines.

While some branches were trimmed, burying the power lines, the real solution to all of this never happened due to successively mismanaged, corrupt and incompetent governments.

The czar legault is now saying it will cost $100 billion to bury the lines. Really? Pick a number, any number. Wait. Does that number include bribes, graft and inferior materials?

Ridiculous, counter-productive, useless language laws, coupled with systemic corruption and bribes at every level of government is the perfect storm to create what we have now - a semi-banana republic where a 6 hour ice storm renders Hydro quebec powerless - pardon the pun - to get power back to people in a timely fashion. Everybody from the czar to hydro got caught with their pants down. Did they think that we would never have another ice storm?

Some geniuses are blaming climate change or global warming or climate warming or global heating - take your pick. It is none of the above. Weather happens in Canada and it is up to our governments to make sure we are properly prepared to handle it.

Clearly we function, but when something like an mini ice storm comes along the czar and all his minions are fully exposed for all to see who they really are - naked, unethical, unscrupulous, crooked politicians and bureaucrats.

But here's the kicker: When asked why he wasn't bringing in help from Maine, Ontario, New Brunswick and Vermont his flippant and foolish response was it was too challenging to coordinate all the different people. Are you kidding?

Can someone please send the czar a memo: Hydro crews from Vermont and other places don't need anything but an address to fix downed wires. Why? Because - would you look at that - they fix power outages for a living. Duh.

His 'people' are unable to coordinate other crews? They can't look at the grid and say, oh, the west end we will give to Vermont, north to Maine etc?

Clearly the intelligence level of the czar's minions is off the moronic charts.

We try not to wade into Israeli politics. As we have said on more than once occasion, we don't live there and therefore do not feel we have the right to voice an opinion.

Given that, it is impossible not to say something about the two beautiful, young, sisters with their entire lives ahead of them, who were murdered by bloodthirsty arabs. These two young women had names: Maia and Rena Dee, of righteous memory. Today, their mother Lee died from her injuries.

While it is true that not every arab is a murderer, every murder of innocent Jews living in Israel was done by emboldened, animalistic, bloodthirsty arabs. Even animals don't do what they do.

We sincerely hope that Israel can get a handle on these terrorist attacks. Their leaders need to stop the infighting and look past their differences for the safety of every person living in Israel.

If you have a Tesla, well, be very careful around the cameras built into your car.

Tesla swears up and down that its camera recordings remain anonymous and are not linked to you, your vehicle or your address. In theory that is a wonderful policy. In reality, it's not true.

Seems a few former employees said the program could indeed show the location of the recordings. Uh oh. An investigation found that groups of Tesla employees privately shared invasive and sensitive videos captured on customer cameras between 2019 and 2022.

Here's the best one: One clip showed inside the garage of the firm’s owner, Elon Musk.

We hope that you are not surprised by the no comment from Tesla.

Even though Justin and other global warming, climate change geniuses want all electric cars by 2035, a lot has to be changed and done before that happens starting with the ability to turn off the cameras when the car is not running.

Blanche, imagine if all the cars in la belle province of quebec were electric and we had a mini ice storm with no power for a week? Zut alors. Smile, you're on Candid Camera:)

Can we talk? We mean really talk? First we'll get one thing straight - pardon the pun - we are not a racist nor a bigot. We believe in live and let live. In that vein, we don't mix into how other people live and we hope they reciprocate the favor.

However...watching Justin throw millions of our tax dollars around like it was dollar bills is infuriating. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and managed to live like an entitled prince his entire life. That's quite a feat. Now get this one:

Last August, Justin unveiled a five-year, $100-million plan to support 2SLGBT communities across the country. Why? To demonstrates the government's commitment to fighting discrimination and supporting diversity.

This of course brought to you someone by who painted his face black more times than anyone can count. And went to India dressed like a maharaja - which of course he is. Now he is not only saving the world from carbon emissions and plastic bags, he is saving the world from racists and bigots.

Supporting diversity? What's that? If someone needs a job and they are not dressed like a drag queen while serving customers in Home Depot, nobody cares what they do in their private life.

How about this: Let people live. Lose the dairy board which grossly inflates all dairy products in Canada. Lose the carbon tax on gas so people who drive taxis and trucks can make a living. Bring back bags so when go shopping we don't have to put tomatoes and potatoes in our pockets. And stop giving money to ridiculous organizations supporting diversity.

Oh, and one more thing in case you were wondering. The acronym 2SLGBT stands for two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and additional sexually and gender diverse people.

And the picture in this article? It was taken at some conference that you paid for. As the caption said, Canada makes the US look normal. We wonder who the dude representing Justin is.

And so it goes. King Charles's wife Camilla, known since Queen E died as the Queen Consort, has had her title upgraded. She will be referred to as Queen Camilla. Frankly, we find it hard to even write those words.

Charles married Diana because while he was away in the army or navy, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles. He needed an heir and spare to the throne and Diana provided him with that. But Charles never got over Camilla and even when married to Diana, maintained an intimate relationship with her. As Diana said, there were always three people in her marriage and it was crowded.

Imagine his great-uncle the Duke of Windsor had to abdicate the throne because he wanted to marry a divorcee? How times have changed. Given that, Queen Camilla?

Diana is turning over in her grave, William is going along like a good, stoic soldier and, although we definitely don't agree with Harry on many things, we understand that he must be apoplectic. Feh. Feh. Feh.

We don't want to keep harping on the trans business, but it's so in your face that it simply cannot be ignored.

In case you were not sure, putting on makeup including false eyelashes does not make a man into a woman. It means that a man put on makeup.

Nike is now pushing back after it got really bad publicity when they made the lgbt activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who claims to be a girl their spokesperson.

To make sure this woke culture bs really got noticed Nike had Mulvaney model no less than women’s leggings and a sports bra in their ad. Seriously? What's the point?

To give you a better idea of who you are supporting when you buy Nike products - their official Instagram account includes supporting blm. Need we say more? That is one of the most fraudulent, fake organizations out there.

We hope people stop buying their shoes and keep outing them on social media. At the core of this issue and what Nike is really supporting, are the men who decide, as Mulvaney, that they are now women, compete against women in sports events and most often win.

Nike should keep their mouths shut and stick to making running shoes.

The second days of Passover begin tomorrow night (Tuesday April 11). As such, you are getting Blanche tonight. We will try to do a blog on Thursday night. If we do, it will come in late.

We'll talk...

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