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The Blanche Report

We were not planning to send out a Blanche report tonight as Yom Tov ended late. However, after reading the front page of today’s National Post, we thought that if you don’t know about this, you should.

The headline of the article in question was “Tolerance Expires in Montreal”. The meat of the article was centered around Mr. Bernard Drainville and his meltdown over the parking accommodation for observant Jews.

First of all, who is Drainville? Not a plumber, which his name implies. He is the point man in the PQ government for the secularism charter. What’s that you ask? This charter would ban public servants from wearing ‘conspicuous’ religious symbols such as yarmulkas or hijabs. The crucifix however is passable. The government here wants a secular society, devoid of any religion at all.

When Mr. Drainville found out that parking signs are covered for the duration of Jewish holidays, one or two days (since 1984 mind you), he went, as the article stated ‘balisitic’. The whole deal is for one hour a day on two days. On one side of the street you can’t park on Wednesday from 12:30 – 1:30 and the same thing on the other side from Thursday from 12:30 – 1:30. That’s it.

It gets better. On Wednesday, Drainville found 15 minutes in his unbelievably busy schedule to go on a radio show with the host named Benoit Dutrizac. Last year this announcer called Jewish people ‘mentally ill retards’. He was duly punished but is back on the air. Yesterday he told Drainville to be careful what he says about the Jewish community or they will “send you emails to intimidate you”.  The announcer went on to mock the belief that cars cannot be driven on holidays – “What century are we living in?” he asked.

The question is what does the Jewish community do about blatant, outright antisemitism that is emanating directly from the government in power?  We have come up with a few suggestions:

1. First and foremost be a proud visible Jew.

2. Go to your synagogue on Shabbat. Make sure it is filled to capacity.

3. Call B’Nai Brith Canada who deals with human rights issues. Here’s the link:

4. Although the mandate of Federation CJA is not human rights, they now have no choice but to take a stand and make a statement about what has transpired. On their website it states the following: We aim to be the driving force in a vibrant and caring Montreal Jewish Community. Time to step up to the plate.

David J. Cape is the current president. Debora Corber is the CEO.  Here are the general coordinates: 514-735-3541 Call and ask them not what they are doing, but when are they speaking out.

5. Google Parti Quebecois. Under Deputies scroll down to Marie Victorin. There you will find Bernard Drainville. Send him an email. His inbox should be flooded to capacity.

6. Google Marvin Rotrand Ville de Montreal. He’s the municipal Snowdon councillor. Send him an email as well.

Good Shabbos…

We’ll talk

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