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The Blanche Report: Boston, The Princess and Les Habs

Since we have been writing the Blanche Report there have been a few times when we felt that events of the week did not lend itself to writing about anything but what had happened. We felt that perhaps we were diminishing whatever had occurred.

After listening, as well all did, to accounts of what happened in Boston yesterday – which unless one was there is almost impossible to fathom – we decided that not to carry on would allow whoever perpetrated this act to win. Later in the day we read an account of a bombing in Israel where the very next day people were sitting in the same cafe where a bomb had detonated, sipping a coffee and reading newspaper accounts of what had happened. Of course their hearts were heavy. Of course they were affected. But…

Our world changes by the minute. Most of those minutes we don’t even notice. The ones that stand out must remain with us. We must pray for those maimed and injured yesterday. We must counter the evil perpetrated with goodness and kindness. Call someone who may be lonely. Smile at someone you don’t know. We must soldier on.

Princess pauline who has apparently sold her mansion on Ile Bizard and bought a nice little condo in the St. Regis in old Montreal. The cost? A cool $2.5 million. Not bad eh?

One more little ditty about the princess. It appears it’s a good thing if you know her. Jean Yves Duthel who is close friends with both the princess and her husband has  been appointed as Investissement  – Québec’s representative in Munich. He will be making  $92,000 a year – which of course you will be paying.

The upside is that he speaks German. The downside? The chief electoral officer has charged Duthil with providing illegal funds to Vision Montreal in 2008. His trial is still pending. Ooops.  One thing that will undoubtedly result from what happened in Boston is there will be a massive influx of street cameras. Of course they are already there, but as the saying goes, and pardon the pun, you ain’t seen nothin yet. Every corner of every intersection will have cameras. The days of going out without makeup, hiding behind sunglasses are coming to an end.

The thing that will probably disappear are trashcans. They have started to remove them from the streets of Washington DC and we would guess that Boston and New York are next. If you are the least bit imaginative, now’s the time to invent personal portable trash bags. We hope that you did not have to fly American Airlines today. They grounded all of their flights after the inability to access its reservations system, called Sabre. The electronic system is responsible for bookings and reservations but also manages a wide variety of functions related to flights. An outage meant gate agents could not print boarding passes, for instance. Some people were stuck for long stretches on planes on the runway unable to take off or, having landed, initially unable to get to a gate. Oy.

And finally, although Les Canadiens have made to the playoffs, they are stinking out the city with their second straight loss in two games. They had to pull the goalie in both instances. Uh, could someone please tell those dudes that they get paid for the whole rest of the season –  going right till the end of the playoffs. Now’s not the time to go on vacation.

We’ll talk…

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