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The Blanche Report: Chutzpah, The Launch & A Muzzle

Finally an institution with chutzpah has stood up and gone eyeball to eyeball with princess pauline and her little missives. The Jewish General hospital said it exactly as it is and we quote: …the plan by the current Government of Quebec to ban overt religious symbols in the clothing of healthcare employees is discriminatory and deeply insulting to public-sector workers.

They went on to say that…“Since the bill is inherently prejudicial, there is no point in taking advantage of any clause that would grant us temporary, short-term relief.”

What is not included in ‘short-term relief’ is the fact that institutions like the Jewish would not be allowed to hire anyone with a yarmulka or hijab during their ‘relief’ period. What we want to know is what the princess would do when and if large institutions completely ignored her – law and all. Come in with police and haul doctors wearing kippas out of the operating room? Small minds think that if they don’t tell you the whole story you will just buy whatever they are selling. Perhaps that’s true in point au pic where they are still asking why they are paying federal taxes.

Marois and Rob Ford are making Canada look like the Cuba on a good day.

And speaking of Montreal – hold this date: Thursday November 21 noon at McGill College and de Maisonneuve. At long last Notre Montreal is launching.

What, you ask, in Notre Montreal? Something you should be involved in. Physically it is a pin depicting a new flag for Montreal. In reality it is an inclusive symbol created for everyone who loves Montreal to celebrate and protect an economically strong and multicultural city that is open to the world.

The Jewish General Hospital opened the door to publicly ignore the charter. Now we can all actually do something about it. Being the hermit that we are, we checked the weather for Thursday – zero chance of rain. 

There’s a great news show on every morning called Morning Joe featuring Joe Scarborough and some very heavy hitters in the news world. Everyday this week they have started their show with a Rob Ford clip. Everyday this guy outdoes himself from the day before.

Yesterday paled in comparison to what he said today, which absolutely cannot be repeated here. It was, as my late friend’s mother was wont to say, dizguzting. To top it off, he paraded his wife out when he apologized, yet again, for his totally and completely out of control behavior. Before he gets ‘help’, someone should put him out of his misery and buy him a muzzle. And his wife? Can we talk? He either bounces her off walls or she’s a Russian who slaps him around with a frying pan. Nothing in between.

In case you didn’t know, CNN and every other major news organization worldwide is covering every press conference live. Yes, Blanche, they break from their regular programming to cover what Ford has to say the moment he says it.

We could not resist this: Bill Clinton said President Obama should keep his promise and let people keep their health plans. Next Toronto’s mayor will ask President Obama two questions, what was he smoking when he made that promise and does he have any left. Hehehehehe. When we went to school everyone bought Scholastic books, the world’s largest publisher of children’s educational reading. Well, that changed this week. They claim that ‘accidentally’ they printed a book with a map of the middle east – completely elimanating Israel. Don’t support them.

Of all the countries sending ‘aid’ to the Philippines, one country will actually make a difference there – Israel. The Israeli army dispatched a mission consisting of 148 specialists who will provide medical as well search-and-rescue services in Tacloban, the Philippine city worst hit by last week’s deadly storm. An advanced multi-department medical facility, equipped with approximately 100 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies from Israel, will be rapidly established in the city of Tacloban to provide medical care for disaster casualties.

How is it that Israel always knows how to get to the people who need help and the united nations just can’t get it right, after paying out gzillions and gzillions of dollars to their ‘experts’. Can you say corrupt?

Here’s one contract that you want: fixing the cracks the beams holding up the Champlain bridge. According to government sources, work will be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the current problem is fixed. What they really should have said was that work will be done for the next 10 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until a new bridge is built. Overtime and double overtime for Jean Guy and his friends. Fort Lauderdale here we come!

Notre Montreal!

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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