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The Blanche Report: The Run, The News & the March

Now here’s a scary thought (and you thought you knew all the scary stuff)  Joe Biden is thinking of making a run for the presidency of the United States. Never mind that Hillary will clobber him if she chooses to run. As the papers are saying, it would be a titanic battle between the two of them. He would be 73 in 2016. Not sure about anyone else out there, but he makes me very nervous. He’s the slickest dude we’ve seen in a long time. Kind of reminds me of a well-dressed Archie Bunker.

Remember that sinkhole on St. Catherine street? The one that ate the backhoe? Well, it’s still there and part of St. Catherine near Guy is still closed. Never mind the businesses that are losing money. Why is it still taking so long to fix things in this city? The corruption committee uncovered lots and lots of payoffs which one think have ended. Guess what? Looks like nothing has changed despite you paying gzillions of dollars for this inquiry.

Last week the Time magazine, the Washington Post and CNN went down. This week Amazon went down causing them to lose $5 million in about the 40 minutes it was not functioning. No one is talking much but doesn’t it seem strange that one after the other gigantic sites are just slammed shut? Stay tuned. Obviously whoever is perpetrating these outages will eventually want the world to know who they are.

Welcome to Al Jazeera in America, albeit still limited in its broadcasting abilities.  It has been called the most ambitious news channel since CNN began. They will air fact-based, unbiased and in-depth news with less opinion, less yelling and fewer celebrity sightings. What we want to know is who is going to sit in the anchor chairs? Blanche, ya gotta be a bit more dizgreet and not keep askin me what the women are gonna be wearing on their head. Dat is if dere are women sittin in dose chairs.

A note that it is 50 years since the March for Jobs and Freedom in Washington where Martin Luther King Jr gave his ‘I have a dream’ speech. The Sunday New York Times had almost a full page section on the march and we found one fact very interesting. King had his speech written out and ready to go but was uneasy about what he was about to say to the hundreds of the thousands of people on the National mall in Washington. Mahalia Jackson, a black gospel singer and very close to King shouted out to him: “Martin, tell them about your dream.” And thus was born I have a dream.

One more interesting tidbit: People came dressed in suits and ties and their finest clothing. Much the same way people flew in those days. Some things we should have kept. Edward Snowden is turning out to be one of the bigger, if not biggest pains the United States has seen in a long time. An “overwhelmed” National Security Agency still isn’t sure which files Snowden took with him when he fled to Hong Kong more than two months ago. It would seem that this fact is true as last month, Guardian employees, under pressure from U.K. government officials, destroyed various hard drives and memory cards that once held the files leaked by Snowden.

We’ll talk…

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