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Blanche, ever hear of the phrase posturing to the masses? Well, that’s exactly what Jeff Molson, owner of the Montreal Canadiens did yesterday when he said the new general manager will be fully bilingual. As if that’s the main criteria for hiring a new gm for the Canadiens. .

Can we talk? Pandering to Papa Legault et al is making Molson look like a wilted noodle. How about saying this: We want our Habs to be the best team in the NHL and will hire the best people in the business to make that happen. End of story.

If he speaks English, French, Chinese, Italian or Russian it doesn’t matter. He has to be able to scout out the best talent anywhere, which no one in the past ten years was able to do. What are Papa Legault’s missives going to do? Send in the office de la langue francais and see if the new gm is communicating only in french? They’re going to take his phone and computer?

What we did have in Marc Bergevin is someone who spoke French and not much else. And look where that got us? Our team is second to last in the NHL standings.

So we are learning the greek alphabet. You do know that all the variants are named after the greek alphabet? This one is called omicron. Now… did you know the powers that be skipped two letters? Aha. They jumped over nu – which in Yiddish means a few things: So? Or what? Or our personal favorite: vos titz ach – what’s doing. Of course the WHO doesn’t know this so they said it sounds too much like a ‘new’ virus and ‘people’ would get confused.

Xi clearly refers to Xi Jinping, the absolute, all powerful leader of the Chinese people. Of course the WHO (World Health Organization) would not dare say that, so they simply said it is too common a name in China. Right. They were afraid that they would o.f.f.e.n.d. Jinping and he would unleash yet another virus on the world.

Back to the omicron, the newest iteration of Covid 19. Wait. Do you know why its called that? Here ya go: ‘CO’ corona, ‘V-I’ virus, ‘D’ disease, ’19,’ 2019. But we digress.

So we are not under a curfew and we are allowed to leave our houses for more than ten minutes at time. BUT – if you think you are going to be able to make any plans for the next year or two, fuggedaboutit. Why? Not so much because of the different variations of the original virus.

Rather, because politicians are no longer waiting for scientists to determine how dangerous each iteration is. In their zeal to look like they are keeping us ‘safe’, they are making their own rules before hearing from the doctors. Case in point is Israel.

It took them 36 hours to decide to shut the borders – no one except Israeli’s could fly into the country.

They have since backtracked a bit so if you grovel hard enough and have some kind of visa or you are the grandparents of a bar or bat mitzvah or your child is getting married – well, you can probably get it. Other than that, stay home and fight with the airlines to get your refund or change your ticket.

And in case you think only Israel is making life difficult, a few hours ago Justin said Canada may ‘need to do more’ to combat the omicron.

Blanche, if you are looking for reasons to spook the stock market, uncertainty wins the prize and this is the optimal scenario. This is not over by a long shot.

Five policemen in Quebec city have been suspended for holding a black man on the ground and kicking snow and ice into his face and dragging his girlfriend by the hair. According to Papa Legault, Quebecers love black people and all people of ‘minority’ including hijab wearing women and kippah wearing men, who are clearly not white, catholic and speak Quebecois french. Here’s a headline: Papa Legault keeps on saying that Quebec is not systemically racist. Papa Legault is also the one who won’t talk about the deaths of thousands of helpless elderly people during the first months of the pandemic, nor will he fork over any documents concerning said deaths.

Papa Legault is very quietly becoming a dictator. Don’t cross him. Don’t criticize him. His version of whatever is in front of him the the only version. Do you know who I am?

Here’s no surprise: Both Chris Cuomo – CNN anchor and his bro Andrew were in cahoots trying to avoid making Andrew, then Governor of New York look bad. Looking bad was apparently the least of Andrew’s problems, as he was pushed out of office for being one of those powerful men who think they can say, do or touch women when they so choose. It appears that Chris used state and national media relationships to find out vos titz ach (what’s doing) for his bro the governor on impending news stories. He was part of calls and email chains the governor’s team used to plan press strategies or counterattacks.

All will eventually come out in the end and we are guessing that it will not pretty for either brother. We are guessing that his mother, Matilda will not be amused either and that their father, Mario – late ex Governor of NY is rolling in his grave.

Blanche, did you know there are at least 63 things that most Americans think are completely normal but are actually very, very strange? Don’t worry, we won’t list them all, but when we read the list we thought exactly…

…Why kids have a social pressure to leave their parents’ homes at 18 and go college …Homecoming. Who the heck is coming home? …Complete strangers asking me how you’re doing …Why is it completely normal for people to leave Amazon packages on their doorstep …Insane portion sizes in restaurants

And our personal favorite: You can get into university just by being good at sports. Marks and education don’t count as long as you can help win the football game.

We saved the best for last.

How is it that the US has banned flights from South Africa when every day thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants – unvaccinated and unchecked cross the border daily?

At last count about 100 South Africans are amongst those immigrants. What a crock.

Happy Chanukah We’ll talk…

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