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The Mother of All Marches

Let’s just say that the ‘almost deal’ that Obama made with Iran today is not worth the paper it’s written on.

Aside from the fact that Iran already went back on some earlier promises,  does anyone think for half a second that Iran will actually follow through on anything they promised? The answer of course is no.

When Iran reneges on whatever deal is made, Obama will be gone from the White House playing golf three times a day and speaking to wide-eyed save the whales, trees and arctic audiences for $250,000 a pop. He will be leaving his successor to deal with his mess. Tomorrow Bibi is speaking to Obama. We would love to be a fly on the wall for that one, but it’s almost Passover and we’d never get back on time. We hope that Bibi makes his points and hightails outta dodge to do whatever he must to secure his country.

The german pilot that flew his plane and 150 people into a mountain at 700 km an hour left a trail behind him like little red riding hood in the forest. Everything points to him doing it. We hope such is the case, although isn’t it interesting how there are so many clues right away? It also opens up a huge can of worms in terms of mental health.

Basically pilots are on the honor system to report any health issues. Now we ask you, what would most people do? Say the truth and lose their job or lie and keep it. After all, a mental health issue is not something like a wart on your nose that everyone can see.

One thing we can say with certainty. This plane crash comes to you from the terrorists of 9/11 as was pointed out in an article last week. Up until then anyone could just knock on the cockpit door and friendly, smiling pilots would allow people to check out the front of the plane. Da world ain’t what it used to be. Dat’s for sure Blanche.

And now for some local news. Today in Montreal there was the mother-of-all marches against the Quebec government’s austerity plan. We are of two minds with this plan.

The first thing is that irks us is the bloated civil service in this province. You know we have more civil servants than California? In case you’re not understanding, California has a population of $38 million. We here in Quebec have a population of 8.18 million. We tried to find out how many civil servants there are in Quebec but zut alors, the number is not made public. Wouldn’t ya know it?

About being in debt up to your eyeballs –  who except the government can spend other people’s money like it was coming off a tree in their backyard? Well, up until this budget (and we fear beyond), such is the case. Imagine telling your friend that you’re dipping into his bank account because you don’t have enough money to go on vacation.

Here’s a memo that the civil servants didn’t get: ya can’t go on forever spending money you don’t have. There does come a day when ya gotta give it back. Oh, and one more thing. Alberta sends us about $7.5 billion annually in ‘transfer payments’. Now that the oil prices have tanked like the titanic, they are not going to be very happy parting with that money, especially going to Quebec with geniuses like PKP constantly shooting off his mouth that he wants to separate. This could get ugly and we are rooting for the government.

A shortened Blanche tonight as it is the night before Passover and things must get done before tomorrow night. The clock is ticking. We take this opportunity to wish all of our readers a happy, healthy and peaceful Passover. Truly Next Year in Jerusalem!

Good Shabbos and Happy Passover

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