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The Mother-of-All Storms…Not

All that we were missing was the CNN reporter hanging onto a pole in the middle of the ‘epic historical snowstorm’. Don’t worry, one genius reporter was standing with a yardstick measuring the snow. Yes, Boston got 15 inches of snow. But New York got about seven or eight inches which in Montreal may cause traffic jams, but does not shut down all the bridges, transportation system nor bring out an 11:00 pm curfew.

Who’s to blame for this fiasco? Well, from the looks of it, the weather people thought the mother-of-all weather bombs was about to hit the northeast. Turns out it veered slightly to the left or right and New York was spared. We saw that the weather people apologized to the public. Now that’s just plain idiotic. We don’t want to bust their bubble, but even weather people, with all their sophisticated equipment, are not G-d and therefore their predictions can be wrong.

In defense of the governors of NY, NJ and MA, we will say that in general people are pretty dumb. Even if they hear a storm is approaching they think they will be able to drive through it, of course without winter tires. Those people usually get stuck somewhere on a highway (far from an exit) and have to be rescued. The moral of the story is listen to the weather, don’t panic on the titanic and be sensible.

Obama is a piece of work, eh? He doesn’t show up in Paris for the once-in-a-lifetime solidarity march with dozens of world leaders, but runs, literally runs to Saudi Arabia with a delegation of no less than 27 people to pay his respects to the family of late King. Actions speak louder than words and Obama’s actions tell the world exactly where he stands, who he is friends with and who he could care less about. Figure it out for yourselves.

And speaking about the White House, it looks like the secret service dropped the ball again. The White House was locked down a few nights ago after an officer on the south grounds of the White House spotted a drone, described as a two-foot wide “quad copter,” flying above the White House grounds before crashing on the southeast side of the complex. The officer saw the drone flying at a very low altitude. Can we talk?

Isn’t there a no-fly zone over the white house? Yes this drone was very low but shouldn’t there have been provisions put in place in case of just such an incident? How do they know this wasn’t a trial balloon to see if they could break through security, which they deftly and quickly did. Maybe the next drone will have explosives. Even with those shmancy sunglasses and dark suits, they just can’t seem to get it right.

The intrigue into the death of the Argentinian State prosecutor Alberto Nisman reads like a pulitzer prize espionage novel. He was found dead in his apartment late on January 18 with a gunshot wound to his head and a 22 caliber pistol by his side along with a single shell casing. We are presenting a timeline of this story which is a tad on the long side but will give the full picture of the deaths of 85 innocent people when the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires was bombed in 1994. The Jewish world should be watching this story closely on many levels.

…July 18, 1994: Eighty-five people are killed and hundreds more injured when a van packed with explosives detonates at a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires.

…September, 2004 : Prosecutor Alberto Nisman takes over the investigation into the attack. He is tasked with cleaning up an inquiry that had been plagued by allegations of evidence suppression and bribery.

…July, 2005: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, joins other high-profile figures to call for justice for the victims of the bombing.

…October, 2006: Nisman brings formal charges alleging that the government of Iran directed the attack, and that Hezbollah militants carried it out.

…March, 2007: Interpol issues arrest warrants for nine people in connection with the attack, including eight Iranians. No arrests have been made.

…May, 2008: Nisman calls for the arrest of former Argentine president Carlos Menem for attempting to obstruct the investigation into the attack. Menem and the judge who led the investigation prior to 2004 are later charged with corruption but have yet to stand trial.

…February, 2013: President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner announces a joint Argentine/Iranian inquiry into the attack. It is vehemently opposed by Jewish groups and the Argentine judiciary, including Nisman, and is later struck down as unconstitutional.

…January 14, 2015: Nisman accuses Kirchner of conspiring with Tehran to protect Iranians involved in the bombing.

…January 19, 2015: Nisman is found dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound to the head just hours before he is scheduled to testify before the Argentine congress about Kirchner’s involvement.

…January 20, 2015: After public demonstrations over Nisman’s death, which the government declared a suicide, Kirchner posts a rambling letter on Facebook arguing that Nisman had attempted to “sidetrack, lie, cover up and confuse” the investigation and weaken her government.

…January 22, 2015: Kirchner reverses her position and says she believes Nisman was murdered by rogue Argentinian intelligence agents.

…January 26, 2015: Damian Pachter, the journalist who broke the story of Nisman’s death, reports that he has fled to Israel because he was being followed and feared for his life.

We’ll talk…

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