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Just when we thought the construction in Montreal would be winding down because camps are over, school is starting and everyone is back from vacation - along comes Valerie Plante to prove us wrong yet again.

Did we not hear that Madame Plante was creating a very special committee to make sure projects were organized? That the city wouldn't do work on all the streets in one neighborhood at the same time? That was one massive, straight out lie. Not even through their teeth. They just lied.

This city is so brain dead that they waited - punkt - until school opens next week to shut 2 of 3 lanes of one of the busiest arteries in Montreal. Is it a surprise that at the end of August and the beginning of September schools open? Clearly for these people it is.

Whoever does the planning for these projects either lives in another city or maybe another country with a different time zone, has bought in hook, line and sinker to Plante's hate for cars or is doing all his or her planning from the couch of their psychiatrist.

Make no mistake. The objective is to punish people who drive cars, who then pollute the world, which then causes carbon emissions which causes climate change which makes you who drive in Montreal according to Madame Plante, responsible for the forest fires in BC and Quebec and the heat wave in Palm Springs California.

Here's a headline: Not everyone can ride a bike nor take a bike to work. Nor can people carpool five children to school on a bike. Nor can Bertha and Morris pick up their laundry, buy some potatoes and tomatoes and fetch their medication on a bike.

Imagine - they need a car - the mother-of-all-curses to Madame Plante.

To work in any construction for the city of Montreal of which thousands do - one has to have three things:

a) the brain of an amoeba

b) be happy spending their day watching people tied up in traffic for hours on end

c) forget they tore up the same street for the past three years.

Welcome to la belle province - where Madame Plante and the czar legault will wreak havoc on everyone's lives and then walk away unscathed. They are, by far except for Justin, the most entitled, arrogant, self-serving, politicians we have seen in a very long time.

Do you know who I am?

Peeps - this is a very sad day for the USA. Very, very sad. His mug shot says it all.

No one in politics is clean. For sure not Biden who is living the good life because of his son's creative ability to wave his father's political connections in front of the most corrupt people worldwide and get handsomely paid for doing so.

Trump is not clean either. But what the democrats are doing completely in conjunction with social media and major news stations like CNN and MSNBC is more corrupt than Trump will ever be.

Indicting him will not stop him from becoming president. In fact, it is fueling his popularity. This is going to wind up biting everyone who is trying to stop him from running for president big time.

Unless someone steps up to the plate to replace Biden, in less than two years you better get used to saying these next two words: President Trump.

Uber liberal New York state governor Cathy Hochul is now singing a different tune.

It used to be - come on down - we take anyone from any country. We're a sanctuary state. We love you all.

Now that Texas is dumping busloads of illegal migrants in New York by the thousands, she's singing a different tune. She's telling Biden to hurry up and get the immigrants papers so they can work.

Here's what she said: We’ve managed thus far without substantive support from Washington. New York has shouldered this burden for far too long.”

Good morning America. What did this genius woman think would happen if she told everyone in the world - illegal or not - that New York was a sanctuary city? She's another one who just woke up and is crying NIMBY.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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