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The Never-ending Greek Odyssey

Greece has the dubious distinction of being in the company of Zimbabwe, Sudan and Somalia who also defaulted on their loans. The difference is that Greece is not a third world country – or at least it wasn’t until tonight.

Lest one not grasp the enormity of the situation here are a few things we heard today: No one can buy anything online – no apps, no airline tickets, no food or clothing as the banks are closed and the credit card companies have stopped taking people’s credit cards. There is very little food left in the stores. Taking a cab? People have no money to pay the driver. The best of course are the IOU’s being issued by the government. And by the way, if Greece leaves the Euro, those IOU’s will become the currency until the drachma kicks in.

These are uncharted waters and if anyone thinks they know the outcome of Sunday’s referendum whether to stay or leave the EU, they are full of it. It’s one of the biggest crap shoots in history. And speaking of being full of it, Donald Trump wins that prize hands down. Why? Here’s what he said: That he would build a “great wall” and make Mexico pay for it because Mexico is “sending” people who are rapists, drug dealers and criminals, and a few “good people,” too.

An exaggeration but not completely off the mark. The illegal immigrant issue in the southern states like Texas and California is very real. They are bearing the brunt of people sneaking into the US via unsecured borders. Often it’s families and decent people coming in. But sometimes Blanche, da bad guys get in – and den we have to watch it.

Due to Trump’s remarks, NBC cancelled their partnership with him in the Miss Universe and Miss America pageants. Can we talk? Are these ‘beauty’ pageants idiotic or what? They remind us of mother’s day – which should be everyday of the year, not relegated to one pathetic day. Same with beauty pageants. They need a show to pick the ‘most’ beautiful women? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not chosen randomly by ‘judges’ watching half-naked women parading around in bathing suits.  Next thing ya know we’ll find out those judges were paid off. At least with Trump in the presidential race there are some juicy tidbits. What’s up with Eugenie Bouchard, Canada’s ace woman’s tennis player? Don’t tell us that she peaked last year in Australia? Last year’s Wimbledon runner-up, she lost her opening match at this year’s tournament. She also lost 10 of 11 matches in one stretch this year and lost in the first round at the French Open. She best have a nice line of clothing and some advertising gigs lined up because from tennis she’s not making a living. A chapter of the Ku Klux Klan plans to hold a rally next month on the grounds of South Carolina’s state capitol to protest efforts to remove the Confederate flag that flies there. Nothing more to say here except that bigotry is alive and well down south – openly. Pathetic.

Your garbage can help fuel airplanes. We hope they have a odor eater along with the machine that turns garbage into fuel. United Airlines bought a $30 million stake in a company called Fulcrum Bioenergy and plans to go into business with the company, building factories to convert trash into jet fuel. Blanche, along wit the eyeshades maybe go git dem dere noseplugs.

Back to Greece for a moment. There are some people who love a default and are going to Greece for their vacation. Will the hotels have food? Unlikely. Will the banks have money? Unlikely. What’s a tourist to do? Why bring their own wads of cash. And then? They are sitting ducks for desperate people who will resort to doing desperate things to obtain money. For them, a live walking and talking bank machine would do just fine.

Hold onto this email address in case you want to drop her a line or invite her out for a coffee : We are referring to Hillary Clinton who is releasing the last of her emails tonight or tomorrow. Lest you think she’s giving over the goods in their entirety, think again. She has erased what she doesn’t want anyone to know about.

America is very jittery, to put it mildly, that ‘something’ ugly could happen this July 4th weekend. Authorities have already picked up a few losers planning to wreak havoc. Here are some of the plans aside from the fireworks and parades:

Because the fireworks are in Manhattan’s East side, the FDR Drive will be swept for explosives from both land and sea. And to protect crowds from a possible car bomb, sanitation trucks filled with sand will act as barriers.

Also: • Trash cans will be removed • Manhole covers will be welded into place • Snipers will be strategically placed • Spotters will be placed in the crowd • 100 mobile cameras will be used on land and in the air.

Now don’t you feel like going to watch the fireworks?

We’ll talk…

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