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In yesterday's Blanche we reminded you of the 2016 election - when the pollsters and everyone else predicted, with no less than 95% certainty, that Hillary would win the election. We don't have to remind anybody who won.

So here is the conundrum of yesterday's very large non republican sweep:

We do not ascribe to what the democratic party believes. At all. We are middle of the road conservatives. We also don't ascribe to very right-wing conservatives. The result of the mid-term election seems to reflect this.

Centrist Republicans don't want to deal with Trump any longer. That's clear as the candidates he supported - many of whom were off the wall - lost. But he has such a big ego he will do everything in his power not to let Governor Ron DeSantis - who won by a nice margin in Florida - take the limelight away from him by running for the presidential nomination of the republican party.

The time has come for the leaders of the republican party to stand up to Trump instead of giving in to his erratic behavior. The cajoling must end. They need to circle the wagons and don't give him the attention he so craves, Frankly, they have no choice but to do that. If not, they will be the ones responsible for allowing Trump to flush their party down the drain.

Governor Ron DeSantis is not afraid of Trump. And if he ran for the presidential nomination he would most likely win the primary.

But - and it's a big but - unless someone rearranges Trump's brain, or, the easier solution - stand up to him - he will move heaven and earth to try to destroy DeSantis - and with him the republican party.

There is precious little time to make this decision as Trump says he will announce he is running this Tuesday November 15 to get ahead of a DeSantis announcement. Gentlemen - start your engines.

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