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The SNC Lavalin Scandal Unplugged

Blanche needed to get things straight with this on-going scandal. No, dearies, it’s not over yet by a long shot. In fact, it looks like it’s just getting warmed up.

Today, it appears that the head of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick will be the next one to depart Trudeau’s inner circle. Seems no one liked how he conducted himself  during his questioning at the justice committee. He was almost crying that social media doesn’t like him. Seriously?

Here’s the timeline thanks to Christie Blatchford. While she had all the parts, we are putting them into chronological order. As an aside, Trudeau is, on a daily basis, beginning to sound a lot like Richard Nixon. Nothing to see here gents. And look what happened to tricky Dicky.

We will use the following acronyms: DPP=Director of Public Prosecutions. DPA=Deferred Prosecution Agreement. JWR=Jody Wilson Raybould.

The Beginning …Between 2001 and 2011, SNC-Lavalin and two of its wholly owned subsidiaries, paid about $48 million to Libyan officials to influence government decisions on contracts.

…From 2015-2017 SNC-Lavalin lobbied for DPA’s to be brought to Canada, a few months after the company was charged by the RCMP with bribing a foreign public official and fraud.

…In 2017 the Liberal government buried those criminal code amendments in a huge budget bill.

…Unfortunately for SNC-Lavalin, the legislation says that where a company is alleged to have breached the Corruption of Foreign Officials Act, as did SNC, the prosecutor is not to consider the national economic interest.

The Middle …That means the legislation does not apply in this case and Trudeau’s mantra (as well as Gerry Butts and Michael Wernick) of protecting Canadian jobs and therefore pressuring Jody Wilson Raybould is a crock.

…This past Friday (March 8) the Federal Court of Canada released a decision granting the DPP, Kathleen Roussel and deposed Attorney General JWR a motion to dismiss SNC-Lavalin’s application for a judicial review not to grant them a DPA.

… In their wildest dreams, Trudeau and his missives never thought JWR would actually uphold the law and put principle over political interests. Ergo, the relentless pressure and scare tactics.

Where Are We Now …The purpose of the DPP and her office is to ensure that there is no appearance of political interference with the Attorney General in the role of prosecutor. One point for JWR.

…Justin Trudeau, Gerry Butts and Michael Wernick were all trying to interfere with the DPP. Two points for JWR.

In a nutshell, Wernick doesn’t have the stomach to keep going, so he’s probably going to be gone shortly. Butts is already gone, with, as our deep throat has told us, other scandals even larger than this one waiting in the wings.

As for Trudeau while he may not want to resign, if the Liberal party deems him a liability going into the October election, they will turf him out socks, selfies and all.

One more thing. Pressure is being put upon the government to allow JWR to finally speak in front of the justice committee without any restrictions. Wernick has spoken twice and Butts had no restrictions at all. May we suggest that somebody find Anthony Housefather, who heads said committee, and get him to a barber. It doesn’t look good for the head of the committee to appear that he just rolled out of bed.

We’ll talk…

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