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Can anyone please explain why Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada with some clout in the world, cannot find his kahoonas, release Meng Wanzhou, the deputy chair of the board and chief financial officer of Huawei and get both Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor home before yet another kangaroo court takes place in China in the next few days?

Justin got duped by Donald Trump who wanted Meng arrested while in transit. Now Trump’s gone and we are left holding the veritable bag, which in this case is a live woman who is languishing in her mansion in Vancouver while the two Michaels are slowly withering away in a disgusting, filthy jail in China.

What will it take for Justin to do something? Is he going to wait until they actually die and then call a press conference and with his very sad voice extend sincere condolences to the families? He needs to grow up and grow a pair – fast.

Does anyone care that Peter MacKay is not attending this week’s Conservative convention? Wait. Does anyone know there is a conservative convention this weekend? The answer is no to the first question and probably no to the second.

MacKay is the furthest thing from a team player there is. He’s focused on one thing: Peter MacKay and tries to undermine every leader. Nobody misses him.

And while we are on the subject of this convention, here’s our take. If their leader O’Toole is going to change the channel on how many of the party view him, he needs to understand that people need to unite not only behind the party, but behind the leader.

To do that, O’Toole needs to make the speech of his life tomorrow and convince the skeptics that he is a leader. If he can’t do that, then he’s doomed as Andrew Scheer was.

In an effort to get back their tourists, the EU is proposing vaccine passports. They are not the usual passports, rather they will be a certificate of vaccination providing evidence to other countries that a traveller has received full vaccination against COVID-19.

Of course there are some issues with this ‘passport’ as they run the risk of creating separate categories of people in society: the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated. For people who live in poor countries, which won’t be vaccinated until maybe 2024, this is a huge issue. Our guess is that most of the tourists are not coming from those countries.

As for those who refuse to get vaccinated and feel left out or find themselves in a separate category – stay home or get vaccinated.

It appears that Justin and his procurement minister Anita Anand, have asked President Biden for more, many more, doses of the vaccine. It also seems that the US is not ready to let go of their stash.

Well, not quite. Out of the kindness of his heart, he’s giving us 1.5 million doses of AstraZeneca because it has not yet been approved in the United States and they have warehouses full of that vaccine. If and when it is approved, you can be very certain this is the last we will see of those vaccines.

Sue Montgomery may have to rename her new Courage party. When choosing the name of anything – a political party, website, company etc, most people know to check to see if anyone else has that name. Obviously, Ms. Montgomery is so secluded in her ivory tower, that she didn’t know about this. Nor did those around her. Courage Montreal, who had this name for a few years,  called upon Sue Montgomery to immediately remove the name and logo “COURAGE” from her newly founded political party and all associated materials. Why you ask?

Courage Montreal was established in 2019 as a Montreal branch of Courage Coalition, a national, non-partisan organization established in 2017. Courage Montreal has sixty-five local members, and Courage Coalition has over five-hundred members across Canada.

We noticed that Ms. Montgomery has been unusually silent about this. She can’t fight them in court as they are right. She won’t leave her office to meet them as she never leaves her office. Our guess is that she will change the name of her party quietly and try to hide the fact that both she and her ‘helpers’ are, shall we say, slightly less than competent.

Here’s no surprise: CNN is leaking viewers like a canoe with a hole in the bottom letting in water.

They have lost about a million viewers on average each night since Trump left the White House. The network, whose entire being was to go after Trump every minute they were on the air, is drawing nearly 50% fewer viewers in the key 24-54 age group.

Special mention must be made of Don Lemon and Van Jones.  When Trump won the election beating Hillary, these two clearly very sensitive men, cried – literally – on the air. We will never forget what Jones said: “What am I going to tell my children?” Boo, hoo hoo.

CNN put all their eggs in the Trump basket. Of course they hated him but he paid their salaries as he was the one and only topic for four years. Now they want to keep the pandemic going because that’s all they have.

Actually reporting the news with no ulterior motive is impossible for them. The head honchos at CNN hired people who’s motto is hate Trump all the time. Well, sad to tell them Trump is not around any longer and now they have no one to hate, ergo nothing to talk about. And that will kill your ratings.

Someone came forward in the Andrew Cuomo endless line of women telling lawyers of his inappropriate touches, gestures and words and made things abundantly clear.

She’s a reporter for Bloomberg, pretty and young. Perfect prey for him. She was speaking of the years 2007 to 2010, before the #metoo movement. As she said, it was a period marked by rampant sexism and sexual harassment.

She also said the following: “To be clear: Andrew Cuomo never touched me inappropriately or said anything that I felt I could report to my boss. He did make me uncomfortable, as did a lot of men in Albany at the time.”

So what did he do? Before we tell you, we’re not sure if men will truly understand what this kind of uncomfortable means. So read the next part and think of yourselves with someone you wouldn’t want to spend three minutes with. This is not the same as being overly sensitive. This is a feeling that makes your skin crawl.

“Andrew Cuomo did appear to take an interest in me,” she wrote, recalling first meeting him at a press conference where he “made unwavering eye contact. He was “actually staring to the point that I started blushing and looking around at people surrounding me. After the press conference, he took my hand, entered my personal space and looked into my eyes as he announced, ‘Hello, I’m Andrew Cuomo. He kept going at many such press conferences, making it very clear in front of her colleagues that he was very interested in her.

She said she waited to come forward as she did not feel her story compared to the “more severe cases” of accusations facing Cuomo.

In the end, this guy can say he’s not resigning till the cows come home. He’s done. Cooked. Time for him to face the fact that women don’t like him, his gestures, overtures, and mostly, his slimy, degrading attitude towards women.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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