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Remember that senior home called Heron in Montreal where, during the height of covid last year, at least 40 elderly people died alone, many from starvation or lack of water? Why? Because almost all the staff either had covid or were exposed to covid and could not or would not come to work. The owners did not allow family members in to take care of their loved ones.

Can we talk? The buck stops at the feet of every ‘health’ minister in this province for the last 25 years. Health minister? What an oxymoron. They were and are the last person concerned with health. They were and are always concerned with the bottom line. Saving money. Cutting the budget. Making the lives of doctors and nurses a nightmare.

The result: not enough orderlies. A severe shortage of nurses and doctors. Which is why we have draconian measures against the pandemic. We simply do not have enough professionals to take care of people in the hospital so we cannot accommodate the numbers of people other cities can. So Papa Legault’s apologies are empty, hollow and meaningless. And he knows it.

To find anything about covid today on many media sites,  one has to scroll pretty far down on their pages. Goes to show when there’s other news, how easily covid drops off the front page. 

Today, isis suicide bombers attacked  two or more places in Kabul, which has now caused the airport to close. Anyone who had any dream of leaving must be in complete and utter despair.

Together with civilians, at least 12 US soldiers were killed and many more seriously injured which will make them sitting ducks in a hospital. You can bet that the taliban will be hunting them and anyone else who helped Americans, as they are well aware the US abandoned their own people.

If people cannot see that Joe Biden is incapable of being the president we are in very serious trouble. Anyone with no brain, never mind half a brain can see this. His vice president, Kamala Harris is no better and you can thank Obama for her. From the looks of the fiasco in Afghanistan, no one in the US is running the show. And that’s very scary.

As for the Afghans who helped both Canadians and Americans, walking to another country is also almost out of the question.  If people did manage to get out of Kabul, there are marauding terrorists all over the place, ready to take your possessions, which include women and girls.

In case you didn’t know, Afghanistan is landlocked. It is surrounded by  Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan – none bastions of democracy. To say that these countries are primitive, with constant tribal warfare and unable to take in many thousands of refugees is an understatement.

The other countries in Afghanistan’s neighborhood – Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar have to be very, very nervous that the taliban now rule both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Israelis were visiting the UAE a lot as there is an Israeli embassy there. That will most likely come to an end as there’s no doubt both isis and the taliban will be itching to flex their muscles.

We have to ask this question as it begs an answer: Can anyone try to explain why if Israel is the one and only normal, democratic country in the middle east, the woke culture hates it? And why does BDS exists at all?

Don’t sell us the line that people feel ‘badly’ for the poor palestinians. They are in far better shape than their brothers and sisters in any other surrounding country. In fact, they are free to leave whenever they so choose.

It’s time for anti-Semites – including the bleeding heart Jews, to refocus on real issues. Like how women and girls will become chattel in Afghanistan. Perhaps Biden’s disastrous decisions in the past few weeks will jolt people out of their ignorant stupor.

For the past few months, Justin Trudeau thought he had all his ducks in a row, perfectly aligned. Before calling the totally uncalled for election, he gave Canadians yet more money to stay home, continuing to kill the economy, promised them the sun, moon and stars, cut his hair, shaved off his beard and then, poof! he would win said election, giving him a majority.

What he didn’t plan on firstly was Afghanistan. There’s no doubt he knew the US was pulling out. What did he do to try to get those Afghanis who helped Canadians? Nothing. He was too busy planning his own future. And so, he got caught with his pants down.

Secondly, it turns out Canadians are very unhappy that he called an election right now. We are just catching our breath after 18 months of political machinations regarding the covid pandemic. Working parents don’t know if they are working from home or going back to their offices. There is a lot of uncertainty and nobody wants to hear ridiculous promises from politicians that everyone knows will never happen.

The result: We will most likely have yet another minority government but who will win is a crap shoot. Trudeau’s dream of a majority went up in smoke with Biden’s absolute mishandling of Afghanistan. People are furious with Trudeau’s callous mode of dealing with his people trapped over there.  Justin, you can’t read answers to these questions from a cue card. This is real life.

As for Biden, he’s gone. His handlers can no longer fool anyone. Before pulling the troops out, everyone knew that there were thousands of people living there who helped Americans. Instead of making sure they got out, Biden did nothing. Not because he wanted to do nothing, but because the sad reality is that the United States is absolutely leaderless. Biden is incapable of being the president. And so,  the game’s up for those who helped Americans over there.

The taliban have the names and addresses of who they consider ‘traitors’ and will be taking care of them one by one. Make no mistake. It’s going to be a bloodbath over there.

This piece may cause you to lose your cookies. Does the name Sirhan Sirhan ring a bell? He assassinated Robert F. Kennedy over 53 years ago.

He’s now 77 years old and  it looks like he will be paroled. Lucky for him, he’s in democratic California where ‘progressive’ prosecutors seek the release, or do not oppose the release, of convicts who have served decades behind bars, no longer pose a threat to society and will be costly to treat medically in their later years.

Nothing to say here except that he deserves to rot in jail for his entire life and clearly that’s not going to happen.

Update: A huge blast was heard in Kabul late this afternoon, EST time. It appears that the US has destroyed their own ammunition so the taliban cannot use it.

This story is completely fluid and not going away any time soon.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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