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As Saturday was the Sabbath and we don't use social media or cell phones, we only heard bits and pieces of what was happening in Israel when we went to synagogue in the morning.

As the day wore on, we heard more and more of the horrific, barbaric acts done to our fellow Jews - men, women and children. As of this moment, close to 150 Jews are being held hostage in gaza, being used as bargaining chips at best. We won't elaborate on what is possibly being done to them, especially the women. It is simply too horrific to even think about.

700 Jews were murdered with the number rising. Over 2200 were injured.

We are choosing not to watch any of the graphic social media posts as we were told they are intensely violent, disturbing, savage and cruel. Just hearing about what was done to our people by animals who call themselves human beings was enough of a visual.

Questions abound by the dozen. Here are three:

Iran was behind all of this. What is Israel going to do with them? What is the world going to do with them? Let them get away with this?

How could Israel's intelligence, possibly the best in the world, so completely drop the ball on this? Hundreds of men were involved and not one conversation was picked up, not one informer in Gaza spilled some information?

Here's another question: Justin Trudeau 'stands with Israel'. How about this Mr. Trudeau - open the Canadian Embassy in Israel so Canadians who need help can get it. Did you know it's closed this week Saturday, Sunday and tomorrow because it's thanksgiving? Does he know that?

Does that idiot of a foreign minister Chrystia Freeland know that? Where is she?

Unlike any other people in the world, when one Jew is murdered every Jew worldwide feels the pain and anguish. On Saturday morning, the most Jews murdered in one day since the Holocaust.

We were told once that we have to be careful what we write here because words are picked up using algorithms. We will not couch words this time.

The time has come for Israel to once and for all destroy and rid the world of the cancer called hamas and the place called gaza. It will be very ugly. Many young Israeli lives will be lost in the battles to come. But there is no other answer. Certainly not worrying about what the rest of the world will think of us.

Pray for Israel - for the souls of those murdered, for their families, for the injured, for our soldiers and for the hostages.

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