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Putin is a fearless, tyrannical dictator, which is why he brazenly invaded Ukraine.  Putin believes it belongs to Russia and he is now in the process of trying to take it back by force.

In a bizarre news conference yesterday, he said he  wants to de-nazify Ukraine. What is he talking about? The president is Jewish. His parents were murdered in the Holocaust. Clearly he is not a nazi, which is  what Putin is referring to. You can be very sure that unless Zelensky gets out of there, he will be shot dead by Putin’s henchmen.

While  Putin may win the initial battle, many fear that Ukraine will become another Afghanistan, where the people will never accept Russian rule and there will be a long, protracted civil war. Perhaps when hundreds of bodybags start coming to Russia, the people there will figure out what’s happening.

Here are a few things to chew on about this:

…After Biden nixed Alberta’s Keystone Pipeline, the USA is forced  to buy over 150,000 to 200,000 barrels of Russian oil and about 500,000 barrels of refined products a day.

…The Keystone pipeline would have delivered more than 800,000 barrels of carbon-intensive tar sands oil per day from Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska. Once there, the pipeline would have met with existing pipeline infrastructure to travel farther south to oil refineries in the Gulf Coast. So nixed the pipeline? People who love climate change. People who want all our energy to come from wind farms.

Let’s see what sanctions Biden puts on Putin while he’s under the covers with him.

A very short ten days ago we were in an extreme emergency. Ergo the emergencies act. It was debated last Friday, not Saturday as it was ‘too dangerous’ to go to parliament, then on Sunday. It was passed on Monday (without Justin present) and was awaiting passage from the Senate – who would not have passed it.

And then, just like that, yesterday afternoon Justin said the emergency was over. Poof! Like the genie went back into the lamp. Wait a minute. He was hysterical all weekend and two days after it passed so did the emergency?

Yes dearies because guess what? There never was an emergency. The real crisis was with Justin because he doesn’t like it when people a) criticize him,  b) don’t like him and c) when he is publicly embarrassed. His very delicate sensibilities were out of sorts and he didn’t know what to do. Even his fancy socks didn’t perk him up.

Justin only functions (and that’s a stretch) when his adoring fans salivate over his every word, fawning all over him. Those truckers had the gall to  look him in the eye (virtually as he was too scared to go out and talk to them) and call his bluff. It started out because of the totally ridiculous vaccine mandates he dumped on them and escalated from there. He didn’t know what to do.

No doubt if we saw how Foxnews and yes, even CNN was raking him over the coals, he also saw it. We are guessing that’s one of the reasons this act was cancelled. Bad press? For the pretty spoiled boy? Never.

Justin is now hoping he got in front of the issue and no doubt hopes it will just go away. Unlikely.  People are now demanding to know why he passed that emergencies act in the first place. Let’s see if he does what Mayor Drapeau did when he was asked for an accounting of why the Big O went billions over budget. We’re still waiting… Our guess is that Justin would rather call an election rather than put forward an accounting of his incompetency.

And one more thing: You may be saying “but the US also demanded a vaccine” from the truckers. While that is true, had Justin said how inane that was and protected his own here, all this would have never happened. Instead, he hung them out to dry, siding with Biden who most likely doesn’t even know what happened.

With all that is going on in the world, one can only shake their head at the infantile, attitude of the CAQ party and their insatiable need to be the protectors of the French language in quebec. They have truly become the language police in the most negative sense.

Last night the CAQ decided that all students in the English CEGEP system will be required to take three of their core courses in French in order to graduate. This is the newest edict under bill 96.

Hear this peeps: Emperor Legault, Simon Jolin-Barrette, his minister in charge of keeping the French language alive and all the rest of the caqers are small-minded  French Canadians who, instead of embracing the rest of the world,  fear it.

Did it ever occur to them, even for half a second, that their children don’t speak English? They do. Do you think the elite French Canadian children don’t get a well-rounded education – in French and English? Do you think the French Canadian teens of today don’t speak English? Even in Pointe-aux-Pic. Do you think that they don’t watch Netflix or YouTube or are not on Tic Tok?

Our prediction is that this latest edict will be walked back. As usual, the emperor throws stuff  on the wall and watches what sticks.

Two more things about Putin: Many are saying that if he is allowed to take over Ukraine, this will not be his last stop. He wants to remake the old USSR and that includes many other countries including Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

Will ‘sanctions’ against him and/or his very rich oligarch friends work? No. They are oligarchs because of him, not in spite of him. And Putin could care less if his entire country starves to death. Sanctions? The word doesn’t exist in his vocabulary.

Has anyone driven around Montreal these days? Have you seen the size of the potholes? Have you driven on a road like you were on an obstacle course? Thelma, if you think for half a nano-second that the construction industry in this city is not corrupt, think again. It is corrupt from top to bottom. Graft, little envelopes, money in socks. Take your pick.

The roads look like they are covered in asphalt, but in fact they are covered with something black that, as soon as the temperature goes from cold to hot and back, disintegrates immediately. That is not asphalt. We don’t know what it is, but would really appreciate it if someone took a sample to a lab and found out. In fact, we just might do that ourselves.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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