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First our apologies for the tardiness of this blog. As the saying goes, due to circumstances beyond our control...G-d willing it won't happen again for a long time.


George Santos, a Republican, was elected to the Congress in the November mid-terms of this year. While running, he gave out a very elaborate CV. Turns out, almost all the information was false. He lied. Period. Here ya go:

...Santos claims that in 2010 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Baruch College, a public university in New York City. Not true.

...He claimed he was Jewish and that his grandparents survived the Holocaust as Ukrainian Jewish refugees from Belgium. Not true.

Santos is Brazilian, and his grandparents were apparently born in Brazil before the Nazis rose to power. Santos’ mother, Fatima Devolder is christian.

To try to end this lie he said he meant he was Jew-ish.

...To get the gay vote, he said that he lost 4 employees during the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando back in 2016. Not true.

...He said he founded something called Friends of Pets which acted as an animal rescue operation that rescued 2,400 dogs and 280 cats. Not true.

...Santos has said he worked at Citigroup as an associate asset manager within their real estate division. Problem is here that Citi had sold off its asset management operations in 2005—when Santos would have been just 17 years old.

...Goldman Sachs, another purported employer according to Santos, could find no record of him ever working for them.

This dude is scheduled to be sworn in as a congressman in a couple of weeks. Seriously? He either took one too many vodkas, smoked a tad too much weed or put just a bit too much cbd oil under his tongue. Or, as we are thinking, did all of the above endlessly. Giddy-up.

Can someone please explain what the problem is at Pearson Airport in Toronto? Can they not get workers? Do they have workers but they don't work? Is their computer system permanently not working? Is no one able to figure out how to use it?

During the peak traveling season this past summer, Pearson airport won the very distinguished prize of being the worst airport - in the world - for weeks on end. They are about to win this award again.

It seems that even if your flight leaves Toronto, there is not a chance that your luggage is leaving with. you. In fact, it's absolutely not leaving. This picture shows a tiny amount of what is going on there. First they said it was weather problems. Then they said it was mechanical problems.

Sorry peeps. Those running Pearson are unable to do their job. If they couldn't figure out - again - that December is the same as the summer - a heavy travel time - then there's nothing to say. Those in charge need to be replaced yesterday.

And one more little ditty about traveling these days. Do people not read a paper? Listen to the news? Go on social media? Do they not see that airports all over North America are melting down?

We read of one family taking no less than 10 suitcases on their trip. Come on. Did they really think that all those bags were getting to their destination? They got 2 out of the 10 bags.

Then there are the geniuses who pack their medication in their suitcase which then gets lost. One moron packed insulin in their suitcase. Now they are frantic. Really? On what planet does these people live?

These days if you are going to travel in an ignorant stupor like a like a deer in the headlights, you are going to bear the brunt of your stupidity.

We can't believe what we read, but it's true. Countries like the US and Italy are now testing anyone returning from China for covid.

China went from holding people prisoners in their homes to completely dropping every covid restriction known to man. Which of course means that because they didn't allow the majority of the country to be exposed to the virus, millions will now get it.

As well, who knows what was in their vaccines. But wait. The best is yet to come.

During the Chinese New Year which is in a month, hundreds of millions of people travel by train, plane, boat, car - any mode of transportation packed to the rafters to be with their families.

If you think they have a covid outbreak now, you ain't seen nothin yet. Our guess is that the Chinese government went from trying to be covid-free to their new policy - diminishing the numbers of their population. And now they have the perfect recipe.

Like him or not, Bibi Netanyahu is a survivor. A year ago he was done. Kaput. Gonzo. Today he was sworn in for a 6th term as Prime Minister. What happens next is anyone's guess. We are not going to wade into Israeli politics and it is, like Trump and covid, a no-win discussion.

In the it's-coming-to-me department, New York's mayor Eric Adams decided that he was taking his vacation the week of christmas, even if the mother-of-all-storms was bearing down on New York.

“I deserve private time — I’m a believer of that.” Oh really? Here's a headline for you:

As mayor of the city that never sleeps at night, the word vacation is part of your vocabulary, but with a caveat. If there is something like a massive storm coming to your city, then dude - you stay home and go away the week after.

Last week Adams decided that he absolutely had to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands while the city of about 8.8 million people braced for the winter blast. Sorry. He is yet another arrogant entitled politician. Feh.

Blanche, did you know that when the temperature in Florida gets really cold, iguanas freeze and fall from the trees where they live? And if you happen to be the poor sucker walking under that tree, plop - on your head falls the little slimeball.

The question is - are they dead or alive? Could be either one. They often go into a coma and come back out of it when the weather warms up.

In case you didn't know, iguanas are wild animals, and once they recover and warm up - watch out - they could act defensively. They have sharp teeth, claws and a long tail that they may use to protect themselves when acting defensively which can potentially be a safety risk.

Our recommendation is if it gets very cold in Florida, walk around trees and don't try to emulate the wildlife society and save this animal. You will not get a thank you. Rather, he's going to wake up and bite you.

Good Shabbos and happy New Year

We'll talk...

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