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Time for our Governor General to have a Makeover.

It is no secret that Justin Trudeau has trouble making a decision. He either makes a bad one or, possibly even worse, no decision at all. The whole Meng Wangzhou CEO of Huawei is one such incident.

He evades, dodges or deflects questions about her arrest on behalf of the United States. The problem is that just because he doesn’t want to deal with the situation doesn’t make it go away. However, China is on the case big time and when China gets mad, watch out.

The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association said two Chinese parts makers have suspended plans to expand in Canada over the Huawei case. And in all his public statements since President Xi blew a gasket about Meng’s arrest, the most strenuous effort Trudeau has been making is to the purpose of not saying anything of substance at all. Welcome to the world of Justin Trudeau.

Julie Payette, Canada’s Governor General for the moment, said she was ‘so very surprised’ at the article about her having difficulty adapting to her job, aka taking orders from other people. Can we talk? That article was written months ago. Now she’s responding? She was so busy she couldn’t find ten minutes to speak to a reporter to clarify the situation? Obviously not.

And while we don’t want to sound, well, catty – meow, meow, we will. Can someone get this woman a makeover? Last time we looked, she’s not 15 years old. She is Canada’s representative of the Queen and could look a teensy teensy bit more sophisticated. Right now she looks like the before picture of bad hair day.

If you want to work and get paid for doing a lousy job, good place to work is for the City of Montreal. Turns out, there is no accountability which is most likely why the construction in this city looks like a jigsaw puzzle on pot.

Of the 95 snowblowers that need permits to work in Montreal, as of this minute, 84 don’t have those permits. What does that mean for us plebs? Had there been a major snowstorm, any snowblower caught operating without a permit would have been subject to fines of up to $525.

So you are asking yourself, why couldn’t the city get the permits done? Simple. There were almost three dozen new snowblowers this year. And therefore? What does that have to do with the price of eggs in Peru? Nothing.

What’s the difference if a company has a new or old snowblower? If you have said machine, you need a permit. You are paying for idiots to work at city hall, starting with the biggest one, the Mayor. If she didn’t know about this then she’s not running the city at all. And if she did know and didn’t something to fix the problem, then she doesn’t know how to run the city.

Anyone who moved to California to escape the winter may be having second thoughts. At least with winter it snows, you shovel, the snow melts and it’s over. After those insane forest fires, the west coast is now dealing with 40 foot high waves.

Northern California, including the San Francisco Bay area, should end up with the worst of these pounding waves at the shoreline. The peak of the peak may be Monday, when waves in the 25 to 40 feet range could be common. Some could even exceed 50 feet. Happy holidays.

Remember Brenda Snipes? She’s the black woman with a shock of white hair who was the supervisor of Elections for Broward County. Right after the election, The governor of Florida suspended her for misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty and appointed his former general counsel to take her place. In his executive order, Governor Scott cited problems during the recount, including reports of more than 2,000 ballots being misplaced.

Guess what Blanche? Snipes filed a federal law suit contending that her due process rights were violated and that the law allowing the governor to suspend elected officials is unconstitutional.

“Snipes seeks to fight for her reputation and stand up against the embarrassment that has been caused by Governor Scott’s unnecessary and malicious suspension.” Mrs. Snipes would be better served if she just quietly faded away into a retirement home or a nice quiet community. If she thought she was embarrassed by being fired, wait till some prosecutor gets hold of her.

We’ll talk…

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