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The time has come ladies and gentlemen, to bite the bullet and stop buying, as much possible,  anything made in China. In case you missed the story, there was a shipment of 5 million masks coming to Canada. They were on the tarmac in Shanghai, ready to board the plane. Suddenly, the entire shipment – all 5 millions masks disappeared. Why? Because someone outbid the Canadians by 4 times the amount they were paying.

We are not getting into how the virus started. That will be determined by the scientists.

What we do know is that China lied about it. They did not tell the world what was coming nor did they allow any of their own people to do so. They have less than zero integrity, they are sneaky and care only about the top tier of their population.

Yes, we will be paying more for things. So be it. Check labels. On everything from your underwear to mascara. Some things, like books will be more difficult not to buy as they were printed in China. Those dollar stores? Best you check everything before you buy it. Allowing one country to to control much of the world’s production is insanity and we are all now paying a very dear price – pardon the pun – for that.

Justin Trudeau is getting on our nerves. Big time. We will get to that in the next piece. But first this…It turns out that all the times we said he was an air-head – well he’s an air-head.

There’s a book that’s coming out written by no less than the ex Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull. He rips into Trudeau, exposing him for who he is better than we ever could have done.

In 2017 at trade talks for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP2), Justin failed to show up at a crucial meeting and when he did, here’s what happened as per Turnbull’s book:

“Justin always wore perfectly tailored suits that fitted like a glove, bright socks and on this occasion two-tone shoes,” wrote Turnbull. “‘What do you think of the socks?’ he asked, crossing his legs as he sat down. ‘Justin,’ I said, ‘we’re not here to talk about your socks’.”

Wait. It gets better.

Justin publicly humiliated Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan. After final discussions with each country’s trade ministers, the leaders were under the impression that all that was left was to shake hands on the new TPP. All the leaders were waiting for Abe and Justin who were in a meeting. Abe showed up flustered and upset, under the impression that Justin was trying to ruin the deal.

Turnbull always thought  that Justin got a bad deal because everyone thought him a lightweight just because of his good looks and youth. After he saw what Justin did to Abe, he (Turnbull)  now things of him as a flake. We told you so.

As for getting on our nerves, he comes out everyday at 11:15 am, ostensibly giving a news conference about the state of our country and COVID-19. He says zero. Absolutely nothing. He can’t answer any questions because he clearly cannot keep the information in his head.

And he keeps talking to the ‘children’. Here’s a headline for him: Because you are a child, doesn’t mean the rest of the adults in the room are. Cut the bull and start talking like a big boy – if that is ever possible.

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas is another genius. “I don’t want to die. Nobody wants to die, but man we gotta’ take some risks and get back in the game and get this country back up and running.” And in case he didn’t say something stupid enough, he kept going.

“There are more important things than living, and that’s saving this country for my children and grandchildren and saving this country for all of us.”

He himself is 70 years old and said that that some older Americans should “take a chance” and may die from COVID-19, but that overreacting to the virus could be disastrous to the U.S. economy. Be happy you don’t live in Texas.

As for the protesters who are staging anti-lockdown protests – they may get their wish in their quest to give them liberty or give them death. They will get both.

The horrific shootings in Nova Scotia, over a period of 12 hours is beyond words and beyond the pale. Why didn’t the authorities issue an amber alert for the entire province? This guy was shooting people and burning down houses all night. Issuing warnings on Facebook or twitter was less than useless.

Amber alerts go off on your phone automatically and make a racket. Everyone thinks a child has been abducted and always looks at the alert, ergo people would have been on the lookout for this dude and we are guessing lives would have been saved. Another angry man who took his rage out on innocent people instead of just killing himself. He should rot wherever he is.

Is he or isn’t he, that is the question. We are referring to Kim Jong Un who has seemingly disappeared from the public for a while.

It is speculated that he had some kind of cardiovascular surgery, as his health is one of the most guarded secrets in North Korea. Little big man is a fatty and smokes like a chimney. Here’s our guess: He will either show up at a parade standing and waving or in a coffin.

Here’s a good one. Our most unfavourite mayor, Bill de Blasio created a snitch line for people to call and report others who are not following the quarantine rules. Unfortunately, for Bill, we are not the only ones who don’t like him.

He’s getting some very nasty photos on this line. Men are taking pictures of their body parts south of their belt, if you get the drift. As well, they are posting nasty memes of him. A snitch line? That’s bad.

Still no word about Biden’s running mate.

Believe it or not, the Queen is 94 years old. She looks fantastic and appears to be as sharp as a tack. She and Phil had to accept her birthday wishes from her family via zoom, like all of us.

If you want to help celebrate her birthday but can’t get to Windsor Castle, where she is, the Royal Family (the Firm) has given us the recipe for her birthday cake so we can all feel like we are celebrating with her. Here’s the link: Happy Birthday Liz.

We’ll talk…

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