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Today’s 1st Anniversary? Pasta-Gate. And Now We Have Facebook-Gate…

So whadda ya think? Marois and her losers are all on one page or there is dissension in the ranks? Does the OQLF – office de la langue francais follow up every nutball who rats on their fellow citizen? Are all the bureaucrats who work for the government mindless robotic idiots? Hard to tell.

The most recent business to get one of those  famous OQLF letters is in a place called Chelsea Quebec. Not enough French on her facebook page. Yup, you read that right. They’ve started spying on your facebook page.

If we were that woman we would call every newspaper in the United States, CNN and Foxnews and tell them she has a follow-up to pasta-gate. It’s called facebook-gate. Finally,  we would tell princess pauline to take the letter and put it where the sun don’t shine. The businesswoman will get fines? Keep sending them to the US media. One thing the princess doesn’t like is looking like she’s a crazy fanatic. Hmmmm.

We don’t want to bust your bubble, but better you know this little tidbit of information. Remember the hoopla when Target announced it was coming to Canada? Guess what? We’re never getting the great prices they have in the Target stores in America. You can figure out the reasons yourself: taxes, duties, shipping take your pick. The bottom line is that we were hosed big time.

Not only that, but someone didn’t do their homework before coming here. It was only after all the stores were opened that they found out importing goods here was complicated, resulting in empty shelves. Don’t you wonder which genius executive, getting a hefty six figure salary no doubt, couldn’t open up a computer and do some research? Of course it’s the least of our problems, but nonetheless it stinks.

We would like to make mention of a very small editorial in the paper today. Yes Blanche, the English paper. We must give credit where it is due – to Blanche’s brother! What happens if Hy Smith walks into a store and the owner says Bonjour Hy!

For those Americans reading this, the newest idiotic edict from the brainless government here is that Bonjour Hi will no longer be allowed because hi is an English word. Of course the minister for Montreal Lisee says it won’t happen. They keep playing this game. Someone from the government says something and someone else says the opposite. As we stated at the top, not sure what’s really going on here.

So will Hy and the owner both go to jail? If so they will be in good company with the Jewish brain surgeon who wouldn’t take off his kippah. Things are definitely heating up in the Ukraine and Russia. Putin is not liking what’s happening there and has brought out the troops – literally. They are hovering around the Crimea along with planes and other things necessary to squash those in Kiev who have ousted his friend Yanukovych.

As we said in our last report, Yankovych is holed up somewhere in a sanatorium in Russia no doubt guarded by Putin’s army. It was reported today that the Russian troops stationed in the Crimea were told to send their families home. Doesn’t bode well for the simple people who are home.

There was a poll taken among democrats as to who they would like to see running for President in 2016. Hillary won with 82% of dems in her favor. Of course she’s not exactly running against a genius – Joe Biden thinks he also wants to run. We looked up Bidenisms and reams of his gaffes came up. We picked one: You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent…. I’m not joking.” But then we found this one and couldn’t resist: “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see ya.” –-Joe Biden, to Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham, who is in a wheelchair… Not much more to say here.

We will leave you with something to think about. Last week when Canada’s men’s hockey team won the gold medal, Marois could not bring herself to congratulate them properly. She could only congratulate the men’s hockey team, omitting the word Canada. Well, last night some of those players were playing hockey here in Montreal. Before the game they were introduced and guess what happened? All 20,000 people present at the Bell center sang the Canadian National Anthem in both English and French without anyone leading them. Despite the government’s attempt to divide the population, it seems some of them still have their wits about them.

If you have a second tonight, go to facebook and type in Quebec Government London Office. You will notice that the site is 100% in English. Quel Horreur! Now click like. On the left side you can comment on why it’s ok for their site to be in English for business and not even bilingual. Have a good time.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk

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