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Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News. And mercifully, Don Lemon is out at CNN. If anyone was shocked by either of those firings, you shouldn't have been.

Carlson cost Fox News at least $1 billion for outright lying about Dominion Voting Systems. Fox lost the lawsuit with that company to the tune of $787.5 million. It wasn't just the lies, it was that Carlson was stupid enough to write, in no less than official office emails, that he didn't believe a word he was saying on the air.

Given that, our guess is that Tucker will land somewhere soon.

Lemon who is a woke-liberal-left idiot not so fast unless he can find an all lgbtq+ station that hires only young, black women.

It will be interesting to see who Fox puts into Carlson's prime 9:00 pm time slot. It won't take long to find out.

In another no-brainer firing, the genius at Bud Light who thought of making the he who says he identifies as a she but is really a he - Dylan Mulvaney - as the poster 'it' on some Bud Light cans of beer got, pardon the pun, canned.

Blanche, imagine Pete and Mary sitting on the porch on their family ranch in Texas offering the boys who do their cattle rustling a beer with a man dressed like a woman complete with makeup on the can? As one dude in a bar said, when we order a beer, we want to drink a beer not make a political statement.

So Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light's now former vice president of marketing, was fired.

Never mind the market shares they lost or the gzillions of dollars nor that tens of thousands of people will not touch a Bud Light. They have been an anchor commercial during the Super Bowl for 30 years. How exactly are they going to advertise there now?

Our guess is that if they try to run a commercial at the super bowl they will get booed out of the stadium and that's the last thing they want.

This 'professional' marketer decided that "Bud Light had been kind of a brand of fratty, kind of out-of-touch humor, and it was really important that we had another approach." Ok. That might have been true but putting someone who doesn't know who can't decide if he is a she or not as the face of the beer company was, shall we say, quite the stretch.

The tip-off for us as to exactly how she thought was when she wanted Bud Light to have more diversity and inclusivity. Those two words are the going to become the kiss of death for the woke bs culture. While Mrs. Heinerscheid may have lost her job, we are pretty sure she left with a very nice seven figure package as well as leaving Bud Light holding the veritable bag.

If Jill Biden allows her husband to run for president again, she's in it for herself. In a recent poll, 70% thought Joe should hang up his skates. Put away the bat. Leave the golf clubs in the garage. In other words, don't run for president as you are simply too old.

We have nothing against seniors. In fact, we are one of them. There are some seniors who, at 80 would be perfectly fine to run for president. Joe Biden is not one of them. His faculties have diminished enough that even Evelyn in her living room in Brooklyn notices.

Joe Biden is not mentally capable of being president now, imagine in 2 years? If Jill wants to stay in the White House, she should run. And if she really loves her husband she would not allow him to embarrass himself publicly any longer.

Why Justin picked Omar Alghabra to be his transport minister remains one of the great mysteries of life. The man has the brain of a fruit fly.

To raise awareness of violence against women, his erstwhile gnome Alghabra had his minions walk around their office in pink high heels. We kid you not. Just look at the picture.

This was their way to offer support to something called Hope in Heels. Read on. We can't make this stuff up.

Hope in Heels is an event that spreads awareness on violence against women while encouraging men and boys to be part of the solution. These men wore pink heels in support of this important cause.

Can we talk? Never mind. There's nothing to say. If you are reading Blanche on Facebook, here's the link to at 7:15 pm tonight and you can see the picture yourself.

Do these men look like they identify with women who were beaten to a pulp by their husbands? Do they look like they support in any way, shape or form this very serious issue? No.

They look like drunk teenage boys at a party in somebody's basement. And this is brought to you by Canada's transport minister Omar Alghabra.

If you didn't have enough aggravation with the federal workers on strike, here's one more thing to chew on:

Ambulance workers are set to go on strike tomorrow in...the regions that voted for the czar legault.

Lévis, Lac-Mégantic, Berthierville, Rimouski, St-Charles-de-Bellechasse, Joliette, Rawdon and Ste-Agathe-des-Monts are among the small places that will have the bare minimum of ambulances for who knows how long.

The czar legault is an unopposed dictator. Those in the regions voted him in. Vote for him again. Maybe the police and firemen will go on strike next time.

Regarding the federal workers strike and their threat to disrupt airports and train stations and not allowing people to get their passports - we're done with this bs. D.O.N.E.

If our ignoramus of a transport minister and his weakling boss Justin don't legislate these yahoos back to work we and thousands and thousands of other Canadians will be incensed.

Why do these people think they have the right to create havoc with other people's lives?

One of their demands is to be able to work at home. This is why you are striking? This is why a family who booked their vacation a year ago will get caught up in one of their airport demonstrations?

Here's a headline: After retiring, these people get benefits for the rest of their lives. How many other people get that?

This behavior should not be tolerated for half a second. We are traveling this week. If we get caught up in this bs, we will send the bill for whatever extra costs directly to Anthony Housefather.

As we can't send out Blanche tomorrow night, you're getting it tonight and again, G-d willing on Thursday.

We'll talk...

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