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Trump to the Media: My Mouth is Not a Bakery and Therefore I Do Not Sugarcoat Anything. Deal With It

Blanche watched ‘the’ video of Trudeau stomping across the aisle, shoving his way through the crowd trying to stall a vote, pull a guy by his arm and in doing so, elbow Ruth Ellen Brosseau, aka Miss Las Vegas in the chest. Looks like she learned a few things while there, as her drama queen antics rival any actress. (She was elected the first time while vacationing in Las Vegas.)

Trudeau and his missives envision him as king of the castle aka perfect. His sunny ways is beyond obnoxious.  There is no doubt that Trudeau lost his patience, which shows a definite level of immaturity. The said elbow into the chest was an accident. His back was to the Brosseau and while swinging around he nailed her.

He has so far apologized three times. Rona Ambrose wants a parliamentary inquiry. Tom Muclair looked like a raving maniac when he started shouting at Trudeau. This is what we pay our elected officials to do? Move on.

What’s the juiciest part of this story? Harper was in the House of Commons for the vote. How sweet it is.

There’s a saying that goes like this: When it stinks, it stinks from the head down. That is exactly what is happening with Bernie Sanders. His rhetoric is ramping up the violence and stirring a pot that doesn’t need stirring.

After people threw chairs onto the stage in Nevada and acted like raving lunatics, instead of trying to quiet his ardent fans, Sander identified the Democratic party as an essentially corrupt, moribund institution which is now on notice that it must let ‘the people’ in. That’ll get the nutballs going.

None of this of course will get him the nomination. What it will do is make sure the convention coming up in July in Philly will be a slug fest. What a loser.

Yet another plane has disappeared into thin air. Egyptair left Paris en route to Cairo and poof, just like that it was gone. This time however, it didn’t leave from a middle east country. It left from Paris, where one would think the sweeping of planes for bombs is a bit more sophisticated than Cairo.

It would be much better if we found out someone on the inside planted a bomb on the plane after it was swept. The alternative is much worse. That someone did get checked and got on board with an undetectable bomb. What’s even more scary is that no group has come forward to take responsibility. See the USA in your Chevrolet is becoming more enticing.

Last week, Morley Safer, one of the mainstay correspondents of 60 Minutes for over 40 years announced his retirement at the age of 84. He died today. Insane.

Here’s something you haven’t heard about at all: the summer olympics coming up in three months in Brazil. Don’t read this next part if you’re eating.

A city employee skimmed the surface of the water snagging a candy wrapper, along with a dead fish. Down the shoreline, an old refrigerator floated by.

That is Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro – soon to be home to the best sailors in the world as they compete in the Olympic sailing event. The bay is so polluted with human feces from the city’s inadequate sewage system, that health officials worry that anyone who comes in contact with its water, risks infection. Ich.

And instead of the athletes dominating the news, a small bug called zika is doing so. Seems countries are taking this very seriously as this little insect can cause a lot of harm with no cure. The South Korean team will have long sleeve shirts and long pants treated with chemicals to repel mosquitoes.

In case you didn’t know, Brazil is a very, very poor country. But because they have these games coming in a blink, they have mobilized more than 200,000 military personnel who will join the private sector and volunteers to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds.

Seems people are heeding Blanche’s advice and staying home to watch the games on their televisions. Only 50% of the tickets have been sold, way, way down from the London games in 2012.

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