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Uber and Your Hacked Data

Blanche was on a reconnaissance mission today. Andrew Scheer, leader of the conservative party, spoke at McGill University in a stunning building on McTavish. We were awed by the elegance of said building, a place for students to have lunch in a normal place. The room was packed (standing room only) with both conservative and liberal students/supporters and Scheer handled the long question period with great aplomb.

The piece-de-resistance were the selfies at the end. Believe it or not, Scheer makes Trudeau look like an aging  oldster. At thirty-eight years old Scheer should be more of the selfie generation. Wait. He’s actually mature and doesn’t have the need to see his face on everyone else’s phone. Instead he actually can answer an entire question without one uh – and without a note. Keep tabs on him. He could very well be your next prime minister.

We used to be big fans of Uber…until our two bad experiences. Both times (today was one) the drivers were unable to speak English (or French) and both times they did not know their way around the city (Ottawa and Montreal).

Turns out Uber has a much bigger problem than illiterate drivers – which they have now downloaded to us. They were badly hacked to the tune of personal data of over 57 million customers and drivers which, get this, they concealed for more than a year.

This week the chief security officer and one of his deputies were fired for their roles in keeping the hack under wraps, which included a $100,000 payment to the attackers. The company paid hackers to delete the data and keep the breach quiet. The don’t ‘think’ your data was ever used. And how would they know a) that the data was deleted and b) that it wasn’t used. They don’t.

The best line we heard about those insane black friday fights is this tweet: If you’re going Black Friday shopping tomorrow, please be a decent human being and turn your phone sideways before recording any fights.

May we suggest you stay home on black friday and do all your ordering online in your pyjamas at your kitchen table. A lot safer, n’est-ce-pas?

Today was the huge Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Over 3.5 million people lined the route. Security was t.i.g.h.t. Very tight, especially after that terror attack on the West Side Highway bike path that left eight people murdered.

New York Police Department officers with assault weapons and portable radiation detectors were circulating among the crowds, sharpshooters were on rooftops and sand-filled city sanitation trucks were poised as imposing barriers to traffic at every cross street. Officers also were escorting each of the giant balloons. All brought to you by muslims who follow their religion to the letter of the law. Remember that the next time you take off your shoes, belt, sweater, remove your computer and give over your cell phone when clearing security at the airport.

Oh yes. Remember that also when our darling Prime Minister let it be known that Canada’s doors are open to anyone. He’s an idiot.

Remember when our former mayor Coderre said he didn’t know how many tickets were sold for the e-formula race? He was outright lying. He knew all along or, if he didn’t actually know the numbers, it was because he didn’t ask. Said numbers were always available. Like ten minutes after the race.

Coderre deserves the loss he and his ‘team’ got. Don’t you wonder what name the party will chose now that he’s history? We would give them one suggestion: Make sure, before you announce the name, to put the first letters of each word together. You don’t want to wind up like the caq party. Blanche, that’s really dizguzting.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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