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We are not afraid to speak out when we see things not quite on the up and up. Such is the case with black lives matter and the entire black issue. What is happening now reminds us very much of the beginning of the #metoo movement. The pendulum swung very, very far to the left – like off the charts – and eventually went back to the middle. Many people got caught in the crossfire.

But…the #metoo did not result in people being killed. As things stand now, the lockdown we just experienced due to the coronavirus is nothing compared to the lockdown coming in some US cities due to the ‘defunding’ of police departments, a direct result of the black lives matter organization. And that second right amendment to bear arms? That’s going to take on a whole new meaning with the defunding business.

Blanche, you think gun sales were high a month ago? Now they are through the roof. A perfect example is the Seattle Chazikstan (thanks to Rex Murphy), where two people were shot on Saturday night.

When the police tried to enter the ‘compound’ and save one of the two men, they were met with bottles and bricks. They eventually retreated to their cars, without helping the injured man. That’s going to end racism? Come on.

Those in Chazikstan don’t have a coherent reason why they are there. They are against arms and walls, but are protected by walls and their own people armed with big guns. Here’s the real problem dearies – no leadership and some kind of underlying agenda, which is yet to emerge.

Where is the mayor to tell these people to pack up, go home and allow decent, tax-paying people to get back to work and open their businesses? Where is the leadership to keep the racism issue on track and not let it get derailed by people with their own agenda?

There’s a big hoohaa over the naming of a new metro station in Montreal. It’s called Griffintown-Bernard Landry. Can we talk?

Did anyone in their right mind living in Montreal for more than five minutes think for a millisecond that the name of that station would only be Griffintown or something else commemorating the Irish community in Montreal? Seriously?

We will remind you that we live in Quebec – the province that actually pays people to measure the English word pasta on a menu to make sure it’s smaller than the French word pasta.

The province that says there is no systematic racism after they pass Bill 21 not allowing hijabs to be worn by government workers or teachers. The province where people have to go through hoolahoops to produce a document so their special needs kids can to go an English school – perish the thought – that will help their child.

Get a grip people and remember where you live. If you’re not happy, la belle province would like nothing better than have you move out. You are beating a dead horse.

Kung Flu? Oy. Blaming China for spreading the virus because they kept it a secret for months is fair game. Calling it the Kung Flu? Egg rolls anyone? That’s about all Trump missed. 

He lost it on Saturday night because his rally was not well attended. He doesn’t speak with a teleprompter or cue cards, rather, speaking off the top of his  blond head, ergo, Kung Flu. Ya think the Chinese are angry Blanche? Maybe but who cares?

Justin Trudeau has no skin in the game to get the two Michael’s out of a torturous Chinese prison and his flat-line remarks are infuriating. Please say this out loud with zero inflection in your voice: “Uh, uh, it has been obvious from the beginning that this was a political decision made by the Chinese government, and we deplore it, and have from the very beginning.”

We deplore it? That’s what you have to say? What happened to the two Michaels  is a direct result of  a pathetic political decision based on Trudeau’s inability to stand up to Trump when  Trudeau was his lacky over a year ago by not stopping Meng from boarding her flight to China. Dumb, dumb move.

Here’s a headline: If the people in that Chinese jail were related to or friends with Justin, he would have done something. He doesn’t know these men and therefore it’s very easy to ‘deplore’ their treatment.

Justin has to put those two men before Donald Trump, put Meng back on a plane at the same time as the two Michaels get on their plane in China to come home. End of story. Let the chips fall where they may with the United States.

Easy to be a bleeding-heart liberal when it’s just words – save the planet, tofu and all things green. But when Trudeau actually has to do something using his kahoonas? One of his handlers should find his big-boy pants and make sure he puts them on. Time to grow up.

Does anyone give a rats about Jessica or Ben Mulroney?

Here’s a headline for Jessica the other so-called ‘beautiful’ people – if you are nice to people on your way up, they will be nice to you on the way down. Otherwise you will wind up hunkering down in your mansion all alone. Feh.

Uh oh. European Union countries are prepared to block Americans from entering their countries  because the United States has failed to control the coronavirus. That would lump American visitors in with Russians and Brazilians as unwelcome.

It is a stinging blow to American prestige in the world and a repudiation of President Trump’s handling of the virus in the United States, which has more than 2.3 million cases and upward of 120,000 deaths, more than any other country. Not good news for anyone.

You can also be pretty certain that if Canada had any inclination to open our border to the US after July 21, they have lost their taste. Through the grapevine we have heard the border will most likely stay closed until after Labor Day when travel slows down because school starts.

So…it’s balconville this summer folks.

We’ll talk…

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