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We know we have been dealing with the vaccines every blog, but now that we are 33rd – yes, we dropped to 33rd – on the list of countries to receive the vaccination or rather not receive it, and we don’t see either the Conservatives or the NDP creating the biggest stink since a skunk sprayed your dog, so what the heck, we’re not stopping.

On Monday, Justin announced that we would be manufacturing our own vaccines by the summer in a facility that has yet to be built. Less than an hour after he finished speaking, the Industry Minister, Claude Champagne said production would start ‘by the end of the year’.

Now read this from the Globe and Mail and throw something across the room: ‘The facility will then need to be configured to the specifics of the Novavax vaccine and certified for production by Health Canada, which could take several months, meaning it won’t be until the end of 2021, earliest, that Canada can start producing the vaccine – months after the government’s promised September deadline of offering everyone who wants one a COVID-19 vaccine.’ At least the press is going after Justin and his incompetent cohorts.

It has also come to light that Canada is the only G7 country taking vaccines meant for developing countries. Seems they are exercising their option to do so. Why? Because Justin is trying to cover the fact that we have zero vaccines coming in now. Disgusting and disgraceful.

Regarding the seven contracts ostensibly signed by the government, the Health Minister, Patty Hajdu has not seen nor knows anything about those contracts.

What we want to know is this: Who exactly is negotiating for our vaccines? The procurement minister who has no contacts and is unable to answer any questions about what’s going on? Justin’s trusted friend Gerry Butts? His chauffeur? His valet? His wife? Certainly no one with any clout nor who knows what they are doing. Frankly they should all be fired and if we don’t get vaccines by April, Justin should resign.

We have been royally duped, lied to, screwed and as we speak, Justin is trying to bamboozle you. Don’t fall for it and don’t vote for him in the next election if he’s still the liberal leader.

Blanche, bring out the box of tissues – the Kielburger brothers of the WE foundation are crying the blues. Can you imagine that Justin has not called them to ask how they’re doing since the scandal played out in public last summer? Boo hoo.

They are also now saying that they would never have involved politicians to push their foundation. They say, get this one: ‘We were politically mugged’. Spare us the tears dudes. They had a symbiotic relationship with Justin, his mother, wife and even his daughter. Both benefited from that relationship. Don’t start crying the blues now.

Add to this that the Kielburger boys are far, far from being the poor little innocents they want us to believe they are as their foundation has so many arms, including office buildings they own, that they must have lost track of how much money they have.

How about calling a spade a spade? As he does with many of his ‘friends’ when they are no longer useful,  Justin tossed them under the bus and walked away relatively unscathed. That is until February 26 of this year when the bros are set to testify before the federal ethics committee. Let’s see if Trudeau stays quiet then or, and this our bet – he will defend himself and this time toss the Kielburgers under a rolling train.

We are going back to what is happening to all of us due to the 100% incompetence of Justin and his government in rolling out the vaccines. The Lowy Institute, one of Australia’s most-respected think tanks, is tracking pandemic metrics to gauge the performance of 98 countries as they respond to this global crisis. Canada ranks 61st. We are behind El Salvador, Belarus and Myanmar.

As a result, we are not living normal lives. We have curfews, lockdowns, half-opened stores, no restaurants with no end in sight.

Although we still think O’Toole to be a milquetoast, we can hope that he will find his voice together with leadership skills. He certainly can’t be any worse than the Liberals who are  killing our economy, regardless of how much money they give us.

You can also be very sure that the liberals will be hiding the statistics of how many businesses went bankrupt as a result of the fact that we are going to wait a year longer than any other first or even second world country to get our vaccines.

The adoration of Biden’s press secretary Jenn Psaki is getting to be a bit much. She’s far from the second coming and as she lives in the world of politics, not every single word she utters is exactly the truth to put it mildly.

Get a grip people. Many of Biden’s policies are nauseatingly silky smooth and Psaki has to cover for him. Plus she’s not telling us everything that is really happening.

As well, she is asking for the questions before the press conference. How convenient, eh? If we were one of those journalists we would give her one question but hold onto the follow-up. Let’s see if they last or get tossed out because Psaki and her aides want complete control over both questions and answers. That’s not exactly the democratic way.

And while we are on the subject of Biden, one of the things that he reinstated is this: If you want to identify as a woman and you are man, then poof! you are a woman. And with your new gender identification, you can use the women’s loo and take part in any sport as a woman even though you are still man.

Here’s a headline: If you were born a man, you are a man, no matter what you say you are. Unless you undergo surgery to make yourself into a woman, complete with hormone therapy, you are still a man. Saying that you are a woman is the biggest crock of you-know-what  since sliced bread and if anyone buys this they are heading into a quagmire of never-ending bs.

Before reading this piece know that we double-checked our sources and went to Snopes to determine if it was true, which it is.

AOC was not in the Capitol building during the riot on January 6. She was in fact, in her congressional office, which is located in a network of office buildings immediately surrounding the Capitol, and her office building was one of the two buildings that were evacuated.

We write this because she posted a ridiculously long Instagram Live feed on Feb. 1, to relay her personal account of how the events of that day had traumatized her and was a ‘near death experience’. Ladies and gents, she was in another building. She is exaggerating at best, lying at worst.

People like her, who are always shrieking about someone or something tend to distort information to suit their purposes as there is just not enough stuff out there to be angry all the time. We sincerely hope she loses her congressional seat.

And finally, some good news. Israel is reporting that the vaccinations given six weeks ago to those over 60 are finally kicking in.

Follow-up studies conducted by one of Israel’s largest HMOs, Maccabi Healthcare Services, suggest that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, which has been used for most of the shots given so far, is working almost as well in the real world as it did in clinical trials, with over 90% efficacy after two doses. This was not a guarantee: Drugs and vaccines may perform slightly differently outside of the controlled bounds of clinical testing.

Interestingly, Pfizer’s vaccine is currently only authorized for children 16 and older. A spokesman advising the Israeli Minister of Health on clinical trials said, “We will not vaccinate kids under the age of 16 until we get results from the clinical trials being done by Pfizer.”

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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