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Vive La Quebec

In case you didn’t know, Israel is getting hammered all day by mortars coming from Gaza. Why isn’t the media reporting this?  Because no one is flying burning kites or throwing flaming tires?  Disgusting.

This afternoon, Starbucks closed all their stores in the United States to observe an afternoon of anti-bias training, a strategy some believe can keep racism at bay. This anti-bias day is coming here June 11.

There is no doubt that racism exists. There is no doubt that police in many cities are trigger happy. There is no doubt that innocent black men get stopped for ‘driving while black’. There is no doubt that things have to change.

There is also no doubt that black communities have to start keeping track of and monitoring  their own.

We just watched a video from a chassidic school in Williamsburg. Four young black youths were hanging around outside, waiting to for ‘bait’ to emerge from the school. They were rewarded for their patience. A young man, obviously orthodox, came out and all four of them attacked him as he walked on the street. It appears he was fit as he took off after them like a rocket. Not a wise move.

This is a two-way street. Black lives matter, Al Sharpton et al know how to manipulate the media and have done a great job doing so. Starbucks has played into their game perfectly. However, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Here’s a headline for BLM: They do not corner the market on visible minorities. Case in point is that those young black males who were targeting visible Jews did not go to Manhattan to find them, where they blend in. They went directly to Williamsburg where Jews are, to say the least, easily identifiable.

The liberal movement has played this game perfectly. Starbucks will become anti-bias. And so? No one is afraid of Morris the accountant while walking home at midnight in Crown Heights. People are petrified of black youths at that hour. Things do have to change. On all sides.

Right now, President Trump holds all the cards in the NAFTA negotiations. As of June 1, tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum will come back into effect if no deal is signed.

Again we reiterate that Freeland is the wrong person to be in Washington. Coupled with Trump’s exact perception of Trudeau as ‘spoiled’, if this deal gets signed it will be nothing short of a miracle.

Believe it or not, this post will be siding with Hillary Clinton. Of course if she would be honest and come clean, we wouldn’t have to do this. Alas, that’s not happening.

It seems that Madame Clinton is wearing a back brace. She has been hounded by photographers because it’s getting hot in New York and she continues to wear coats and huge scarves around her shoulders and down her back to cover said brace.

Can we talk? Who cares and what’s anyone’s business if she’s wearing a back brace? She’s not the president (phew), she does not hold any government position. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that she obviously has a problem with her back. And therefore? The media needs to get a grip.

The liberal left aka save-the-whales and trees have their shorts in a uproar. Why? Over a picture of Ivanka Trump holding her two-year old. Seriously?

What ticked them off about this photo? That immigrants coming into the US are being separated from their children and the US ‘lost’ 1500 children. How dare she post such a cute picture of her son? These people are not normal.

Let’s get the facts straight: The nearly 1,500 children in question came into the country ‘without their parents,’ thus could not have been ‘ripped’ from their parents arms, or could they be described as ‘lost,’ as had been initially claimed.

The much-hyped 1,500 number initially came from a Department of Health and Human Services survey concerning sponsors of the 7,635 children placed in such homes. As noted by The New York Times, those who were “unaccounted for” are not simply “lost,” but, likely, “some of the adult sponsors simply chose not to respond to the agency.”

Here’s the skinny on the Yanny Laurel fantasia from an auditory neuroscientist: It’s an optical illusion, except for your ears.

There’s not really a correct answer either way. The reason that the recording is so contested is likely because it’s noisy, meaning there are lots of different frequencies captured. What you hear depends on which frequencies your brain emphasizes.

The higher frequency sounds in the recording make people hear “Yanny,” whereas the lower frequencies cause others to swear they hear “Laurel.” What you hear depends on what sounds your brain is paying attention to, your past experiences, and what you’re expecting to hear. What word you experience might also have to do with your age. Older adults often start losing their hearing within the higher-frequency range, meaning it’s possible that more young people hear “Yanny.”

Got that Blanche? And here’s one more ditty: “laurel” is now the most popular entry on

You know those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner etc that you get in hotel rooms? The nicer the hotel, the nicer the brand. Well, those are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to environmentalists.

In their stead, you will soon be finding, in Marriott, Holiday Inn and Kimptons, larger containers that are bolted into shower walls. What do you say that in six months they will tell you that those containers are covered in germs? Ugh…

Here’s one more travel tip: An unwritten rule when traveling – don’t bring half-eaten, warm cooked food. It stinks and you stink up the plane. Bring a sandwich, cookies, crackers etc. Nothing that could possible smell.

We save the ‘best’ for last, if you read all the way down here. Montreal’s new Champlain Bridge will cost more than forecast and won’t be ready on time. What a surprise.

The scheduled Dec. 21 opening of the bridge appears to be ambitious and has also been been delayed by labour conflicts and snafus in the delivery of parts.

Because the new bridge won’t be ready on time, we are paying $306 million in major repair work done on the current Champlain Bridge, which links Montreal with its south shore.

Nothing, absolutely nothing in this province is done legitimately. Vive la Quebec.

We’ll talk…

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