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Watching, Waiting and Praying…

The Trump naysayers have little to say today. In a month, the United States government was going to default on its debts. With no cooperation from his own Republican party, Trump bypassed them and made a deal with the congressional democrats. The result is that the debt ceiling is now raised and all the money that is needed by victims of hurricane Harvey and soon, Irma, will get to those people.

The republicans are in an uproar. Take a pill.  It appears that those in Washington live in some kind of bubble. Trump vowed to drain the swamp and with it people who think that five minutes on CNN will win them brownie points with their electorate back home.

An excellent example of this is that the Republicans had seven years to rewrite Obamacare. When the time came to vote on the new bill under Trump, there was no bill nor even a proposal. It appears they could not agree, within their own party, as to what kind of health care bill to present.

The swamp is littered with self-centred, naval-gazing politicians and Trump, warts and all, has decided to go around them to get things done. Kudos to him.

Yesterday we were listening to people on vacation, stuck on islands in the Caribbean looking at a direct hit from hurricane Irma. Can we talk?

Many of those people went on vacation from Sunday to Sunday. Well, last Sunday every news and social media was talking about hurricane Irma. Everyone was saying the same thing: it’s the biggest storm we have ever seen. So why would anyone go to those islands?

Perhaps they like to live dangerously.  Oh wait Blanche, perhaps they are idiots.  Or perhaps they live in their own little world and heard nothing about Irma. Either way they became a huge pain to people living on those islands trying to protect themselves from that killer storm.

Many of them were complaining that no airline would come and get them. Really? Here’s a headline: No airline was coming to get them. No airline would risk flying, landing and taking off with such a storm bearing down.

Perhaps next time they will not think that the weather forecasters are over-exaggerating.

Yesterday, the EU’s top court told member countries they have to open their doors to refugees whether they like it or not. Although we have said this before, it bears repeating. Margaret Thatcher was the lone voice that said the European Union was going to be a disaster. She didn’t let Great Britain change their currency. With brexit last year, the country is slowly divorcing the EU and it appears not a second too soon.

Europe has been dealing with the worst migrant and refugee crisis since WWII. Millions of people have fled from countries in Africa and the Middle East for Europe. And many have ended up in Italy and Greece – putting a huge burden on them. The EU set up a system to relocate more than 100,000 refugees to other member countries.

One of England’s biggest complaints about the EU was its bureaucracy and this is a perfect example of that. Anyone thinking that perhaps they made a mistake in voting for brexit must be doing a jig today.

Those pea-brain Quebec bureaucrats are at it again. It appears they don’t read newspapers or watch television.

It seems that six members of the Quebec legislature are in Haiti on a ‘co-operation mission’, awaiting word on whether they would be able to get a flight out of the country.

Parti Quebecois member Diane Lamarre called the situation confusing and said the possibilities of leaving the country were “complicated.” Seriously? Your tax dollars at work.

Hillary’s book, What Happened, is one of, if not the biggest thorn in the side of the democrat party. As they try to find a leader, which she was not and rebuild what she destroyed, she still refuses to take any blame for losing the election. No one will tell her that she was the worst candidate in their history.

We are guessing that it is cathartic for her to talk about her loss. And herein lies the issue. Those two words ‘for her’ are her mantra. When you look up selfish in the dictionary you see a picture of Hillary. In her book, she goes after Zaidy Bernie like it’s nobody’s business. Madame, it wasn’t Bernie. It wasn’t Comey. It wasn’t Trump. It wasn’t Bill. It was you who lost the election.

And one more thing…She always gets money up front for her books which have yet to make a profit. They are as boring as she is. Can someone please lend her money to take a gardening course?

A final word on hurricane Irma. Drudge’s headline said it all – You Have Been Warned. Anybody in Florida who is not heeding the advice of the professionals needs to have their heads examined. We are astounded as to how organized their governor Rick Scott.

He’s an ex-navy guy who is on social media and television every two hours giving his population updates. He’s uber organized and the furtherest thing from hysterical. He is warning people  who have a mandatory evacuation order to leave. Many are not. He warned them that if they stay, they are on their own. They should be listening to him.

We pray for those in Florida, Houston, St. Marten and anywhere else that was decimated by this historic hurricane. G-d should have mercy on them.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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