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There are times in one's life - few and far between - when an opportunity to do the right thing comes along. When one is given the chance to stand up - publicly - for truth. How much more so as a Jew when the world has turned their backs on us.

What we do with that opportunity is entirely our choice.

Anthony Housefather was given an unprecedented opportunity to stand up as a proud, respected, dignified Jew.

He had a chance to show the world - and we mean the world - that there are elected politicians in his party who understand Justin's inability to stand behind Israel is weak, and self-serving. He is openly pandering to the arab vote. He is on the wrong side of history.

Housefather chose the easy route in staying with the liberal party. It would have been much more work, much harder to cross the floor. He couldn't do it. He didn't have the inner strength or wisdom to see the opportunity he was given. In essence, to be on the right side of history.

Anthony Housefather got totally duped by Justin.

Did Justin utter a word about the 6 month anniversary of October 7? Nothing. Nada. Crickets. Radio silence.

This is how the leader of the liberal party is giving Anthony Housefather the job of taking care of anti-Semitism? By ignoring it happened? Nothing changed and Housefather is an even bigger fool than we ever thought.

Justin promised Anthony the sun, moon and stars to stay. Those promises are as good as the billions of dollars he is now promising while crossing the country on his vote-for-me tour.

It's in the same vein as telling the climate change people he's going to plant a billion trees. Seriously? When pigs fly.

Justin is grasping at straws. The optics of Anthony crossing the floor would have further diminished his leadership, which is at an all time low.

Whatever he told or promised Anthony is a crock because when push comes to shove, Justin will do whatever he thinks is necessary to garner votes and that includes throwing both the Jews and Anglo Quebecers under the bus. His allegiance is to Justin.

Anthony Housefather wants to remain in politics. He wants to keep his job. So he took, what he perceived, is the best route to accomplish that. Crossing the floor would have been a risk to his career.

We wonder, as Golda Meir alluded to in the quote above, how Anthony Housefather can now live with himself.

We are done with him.

Justin Trudeau is spending money like it's water or he has a forest of money trees in his backyard or he's going to print it or - the most likely scenario - he's spending opm - other people's money.

Never, in his and your wildest dreams will even a fraction of what he is promising come true.

$600 million in the upcoming budget for a series of new homebuilding innovation efforts aimed at scaling-up the development of modular and prefabricated homes in Canada.

$1-billion, five-year national school lunch program in time for September. Wait. The election is not until 2025. Like that's going to happen before 2025.

$2.4 billion for AI related investments. Now that's a good one. Does he even know what AI is?

One billion trees to be planted in Canada (promised a while ago but never followed through) to the climate change/global warming save the world people.

And our personal favorite after he said he's no longer giving arms (which we don't have) to Israel:

Over and above what he already 'pledged' for our defence, an additional $8.1 billion in new defence spending over the next five years, plus committing to an additional $73 billion in defence spending over the next two decades.

He's running around the country with his pants on fire trying to make people like him. Buddy - nobody likes you and nobody believes - or they should not - for a second that any of your announcements are anything more than blather from a drama queen.

Let's wait and see the budget next week. We are wondering how our, of late 'twitchy ' finance minister chrystia freeland, will say with a straight face that there will be no deficit and her party won't raise taxes.

Who exactly is paying for all of Justin's fantasies? The tooth fairy? Santa Claus?

What the heck is going on in Toronto? They elected Olivia Chow, the uber, liberal, woke, love everyone except the Jews mayor who is doing less than nothing to stop the ever-growing anti-semitic riots.

Because of her 'free speech', let them live and dump on the Jews policy, demonstrators are more and more emboldened.

Did you know what people were allowed to say - with a microphone - at these so called rallies? "It's a good thing to emulate gazan terrorist groups'.

Then there's someone who they are allowing to speak knowing she is an outright anti-Semite.

Her name is Charlotte Kates and she's white. Our guess is that she also has not the faintest hint of a clue about the history of Israel. Ms. Kates is the coordinator of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network based in Beirut.

She is a member of the Organizing Collective of the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.

Clearly she hates Jews. And clearly she eggs on the crowds with the police watching and Madame Olivia Chow very well aware of who she is and what she is doing.

Last weekend the police finally tried to stop one of the protests. Too little too late.

Olivia Chow is a lost cause. She's so mired in her self-serving snowflake blather that she has lost all sense of reality.

Where is Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario? Where is Justin allowing hate speech to be spewed on Canada's streets?

Asking for a friend.

Our erstwhile foreign minister Melanie joly looked like even a bigger fool than ever - if that is possible - on a widely watched French Canadian show called Tout le Monde en Parle. It's on Sunday nights and widely watched by Quebecers.

This genius, who is clearly way over her head in the Israel file, said - with conviction of course - that Israel is not going to win the war against Hamas.

Like she knows, eh Blanche?

In the same interview this airhead insinuated equivalency between the 'problematic' gov of Israel and Hamas, and lauded UNWRA.

In case you were wondering, she speaks for Justin. So much for Anthony Housefather pretending Justin is going to change. Nobody is changing. They have clearly stated their positions.

This next piece is coming to you from the person that is going to fix all that ails Canada.

Justin's recent six-day trip, accompanied by his son, to “strengthen ties” in the Indo-Pacific region in September cost taxpayers nearly $2 million, with nearly $200,000 spent on in-flight catering. 51 other people tagged along with his son. What lottery did they win?

The purpose of the trip was to work with international partners to tackle “crises and challenges” including the inflation and food and energy insecurity.

What? What's energy insecurity? Oh wait. Same as the arrivecan app. But we digress.

The trip cost $190,000 on in-flight catering. Blanche, have you ever eaten airline food? It's a cross between an old frozen meal and an old frozen meal.

They spent $643,000 for aircraft handling and fuel fees, $422,000 for lodging, $129,000 for ground transportation and $427,000 for RCMP security costs.

This is the person running around the country telling you how to save money and how he's going to fix everything? Justin is not a snowflake, he's a house plant. And the joke's on you if you believe one word of what he is saying.

We'll talk...

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i despise that entitled brat as much as u do,

i did not vote for him

i believe santa clause would do a better job,



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