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Welcome to Port-au-Prince aka The Big O

Well, our first choice was blowing up the Big O. Seems the city had other plans for the eyesore in the east end and they are now using it as a shelter for ‘refugees’.

First the numbers: 150 refugees a day are crossing the border costing taxpayers $1.5 million per day.

Now the unfair part: People who have applied through the system can wait years to get in. These people are crossing the border somewhere in a field, being taken in as refugees and then poof! go to a shelter, get processed, get a medicare card and social services. To be fair they are being somewhat vetted before being allowed to move from the border, but Blanche, we simply cannot believe that every one of those people are upstanding citizens, if you get the drift.

Now for the question: Exactly how many of these ‘refugees’ is Canada going to let in? Once the word gets out that it’s a breeze to get into Canada we won’t only have Haitians who are afraid Trump will deport them. We will have every nationality known to man crossing the border.

Now for who cares part: Nobody else in Canada it seems as there’s not a word about this in the National Post. We checked twice thinking we may have missed the article but no, it ain’t there. Ya know why? Because the ROC – rest of Canada is jumping for joy that they are coming here to Quebec. To be fair, Manitoba did have an influx, but Blanche, who wants to live in Winnipeg aka winterpeg? Plus Montreal is French speaking and Haitians speak French-ish.

We are not intending to sound racist at all, perish the thought, but did you ever get into a taxi with a Haitian driver? Did you understand one word he said? But we digress.

Let’s see what Justin the liberal save-the-world prime minister is going to do with this. It will be interesting. We’re thinking that he doesn’t care cause they are not coming to his four cubits in Ottawa.

There is no doubt that those in the office de la langue francais are having a nervous breakdown. After all these years, after all their letter-measuring, after all their harassing of store owners, those speaking English is on the rise in Quebec. What are you saying Blanche? Zut alors!

According to the census, the growth rate for mother-tongue English speakers (now that’s a mouthful, eh?) has tripled in the last few years. The pea-brain missives working as bureaucrats in Quebec best be happy they aren’t working for Trump because if he saw these numbers after all those years of harassing the English community he would tell them two words: You’re fired.

The most startling of all numbers in this census was the following: In Montreal, Arabic is the top language spoken by immigrant families at home. In both Toronto and Vancouver it is Mandarin. Lest you think this is not so, think again. We went to the old port this past Sunday night and felt like we were walking in Beirut. Nothing more to say here.

So Blanche, what do you think of Caroline Mulroney getting into politics? Well, for starters she looks perfect for the part. Tall, thin, good hair and relatively good-looking. Not to sound catty, but her mother is a bit more feminine. She got more of her father’s square face. Oh well, ya can’t have it all.

Watch for her meteoric rise if she wins the nomination for York-Simcoe. She obviously waited until her children were a bit older to make this move and kudos to her. She has her priorities in order. We hope she wins.

Phil finally retired. We are of course, referring to Prince Philip who made his final solo public appearance this week. He’s had quite the run as he’s 96 years old and has been going at this for over 60 years. He’s a bit of a buffoon and now no one will be able to hear the pearls that he drops every so often. Oh well…

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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