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Canadian media is all agog that Health Canada finally approved the Moderna vaccine. While that is wonderful,  the rest of the news about the vaccines is less than wonderful.

Blanche, did you know that the Moderna vaccine is not getting to our shores until the end of March? And did you also know that we ‘acquired’ 1.2 million doses combined of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine but don’t know how many we will be getting of either one?

Did you also know that there are 37 million people in Canada? Do the math peeps and don’t believe for one second that we are ‘finally at the finish line’. That line is not in sight, for the majority of Canadians, until at best the fall of 2021.

So which part of the puzzle are we missing here? Where’s the celebration? We are getting the vaccines in dribs and drabs. S.l.o.w.l.y. over a year. We would love to know what the media is so excited about. Unless of course no matter what Justin does they pander to, which seems to be the case.

Regarding the closing of stores except for ‘essential’ ones – what a crock that is. The nail salon we frequent, as we have said, could be selling plexiglass. Zipping in and out of stores is not where the spread of the virus is taking place.

Papa Legault does not want you to know that more than half of every number you read daily regarding how many people have contracted the virus comes from senior homes. Another good chunk comes from caregivers in those homes who go from floor to floor and place to place, spreading the virus.

You can bet your bippy that he doesn’t want anyone to know that they could not have possibly fixed a multi-decades old problem in a few months. And anyone who thinks that was remotely possible is living in dreamland.

One more thing: As of this moment, 11,171 vaccine doses have been administered in Quebec. Our population is 8.4 million people.

So if you were going to travel where could you go?

Cuba is one place but U.S. credit and debit cards don’t work in Cuba. Bring cash to cover your stay. The Cuban government requires that travelers declare cash amounts over $5,000.

Other places like Turks and Caicos, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St Maarten and St. Barts all require that you have taken a COVID-19 test and can provide the negative result. Some also want a signed statement acknowledging that you are healthy and have not been in contact with coronavirus-positive people in the two weeks prior.

What happens if you lie is another story. One young woman got a prison sentence of four months.

You can always go to Albania or Belarus as they don’t require any testing. Just saying.

It appears Canada is, at long last, starting to  use rapid testing at airports, but none of the above requirements have to be met. Just come on down…

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain is going to have a very happy holiday after sealing his historic £660billion Brexit trade deal.

The deal will see the UK take back control from the EU and ending four years of bitter wrangling.

Not being a shy guy to put it mildly, Johnson could not contain his joy. He said it was now up to Britain “as a newly and truly independent nation to realise the immensity of this moment and to make the most of it” as he revealed a pact to trade freely with Brussels from next year. Kudos to the Iron Lady (Margaret Thatcher) for keeping their currency, one less item he had to negotiate.

The defund the police movement won their ‘case’ in Portland Oregon where police officers are leaving the city in droves, even losing money in the process. They are done. Ah, but there’s a bit of a problem.

The police department had already laid off many policemen and cut its recruiter hiring since the department did not have money to make new hires anyway.

The department cut vacant positions that it had historically held open to keep a steady stream of recruits, which require 18 months of training to begin independent police work. So, if you live in Portland, don’t bother calling 911. Nobody’s coming. Perhaps call AOC or another democrat to come deal with the burglary in your house.

This is one of the best ideas we’ve heard in a long time and should be extended as you will read.

A former CDC director said that to hasten the ‘normalcy’ of the United States, it would be a good idea to issue “immunity passports” for Americans to prove they have taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

We think this should go one step further.  All anti-vaxxers should be banned from schools, airports, airplanes, hospitals – anywhere that they could infect people who are immune-compromised, like cancer patients. It’s time people stood up to them once and for all. Your choice is not to vaccinate your kids? Homeschool them forever.

It appears that many Americans do not hold Justin in the highest esteem. Politico, one of a news junkies go-to sites, has skewered our Prime Minister on Twitter. While they were admonished by some, the comments on Twitter were, shall we say, priceless. It’s not only us that sees through Justin.

Here’s what they tweeted: At the very beginning of this interminable year, Justin Trudeau grew a beard. The beard was Significant, a symbol of a once-youthful prime minister who was now older and wiser and battle-scarred.

Now for the comments:

…Imagine doing a blackface and they still right puff-pieces about you like this… …Also had the added bonus of making him look more like Castro… …He named his beard? …And our personal favorite: To be a weathered politician he definitely needs to grow a pair of something but not a beard.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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