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Can we talk about the frustrating team called the Montreal Canadiens? These dudes are supposedly professionals, getting paid millions of dollars. But instead of playing like professionals, they play like teenagers in amateur hour. 

And what’s with their captain or other players coming out after every game talking to the press saying the same thing over and over again: We could have played better. Or. We should have played better. Or. We could be better. Or. We should be better. It’s enough already. When the game is over, go back to your dressing room, take a shower, get dressed and leave the building. Nobody wants to hear any more excuses.

Usually, when teams cannot perform there are two reasons: a) the players are of a lower calibre and b) the coach sucks and they team doesn’t perform for him.

In the case of the Habs, it’s a bit different. The owner, Jeff Molson seems to have a bro-affair with his general manager Marc Bergevin. This Mr. Bergevin has hired and fired more coaches than Carters has liver pills. Can Mr. Molson not see that the coaches are not the issue – it’s his friend Mr. Bergevin? He can’t pick coaches or players.

Here’s a tip for Mr. Molson: You can still be friends with Bergevin, but if you really care about your team and your fans, fire that dude today.

Rudy Giuliani seems to be in the same movie as Michael Cohen, Trump’s erstwhile lawyer. The charges are different, but the scenario is the same.

Yesterday, Guiliani’s NY apartment and office were raided by Federal Agents looking over his ties to Ukraine. How the mighty fall, eh Blanche?

Agents searched Giuliani’s Madison Avenue apartment and Park Avenue office, seizing cell phones and his computers and we are pretty sure that Rudy is not poo-pooing this. He’s a lawyer and knows very well that the Feds raid when they have a pretty ironclad case and need the final nail in the coffin.

Too bad for Guiliani that Trump’s out of office as now he can’t be pardoned.

If you think anti-semitism is not alive and well, here’s something that will burst your bubble.

We have been following the absolutely disgusting French judicial system that pardoned a muslim by the name of Kobili Traore for the brutal murder of Sarah Halimi. In case you don’t know what happened, he was her neighbor and one day turned on her. He beat her and then threw her off her balcony. He was recently acquitted of this heinous murder on the grounds that his consumption of marijuana had rendered him temporarily insane on the night of the killing. Got that? If you kill someone in France and you were high, you’re fine. No jail time for you.

In response to this Jack Broda — an associate judge at the judicial tribunal in the city of Nancy — told media outlets that he could no longer serve the French judicial system and retired his robes.

Judge Broda said that this was a catastrophic dysfunction of the French judicial system. The fact that no one in that system saw anything wrong with the judgement has angered Jews around the world.

We are not sure what it will take for the very arrogant French system to actually own up and say their system needs a major overhaul. We hope that the worldwide pressure continues long enough for that change to happen and the man that did this rots in hell.

In the you-think-you-heard-it-all-department, here’s a good one. A man was arrested at JFK Airport on Monday after authorities discovered he had 35 live finches concealed inside plastic hair curlers that he had smuggled from Guyana. Now why did he need all this little birdies? Because he intended to use in singing competitions in Brooklyn and Queens.

He was charged with the illegal importation of wildlife and was released on a $25,000 bond, authorities said. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. And why are the birds coming from Guyana? Clearly they have better singing voices than other finches.

Now about those bird singing contests. These contests are often conducted on Sundays in public areas like parks. Two finches sing and a judge selects the bird determined to have the best voice. The finch who wins becomes valuable and can sell for more than $10,000.

This brings chirping to a whole new level.

It appears that all is not exactly on the up and up between the Queen and Harry and Meghan. It has just been revealed that Meghan is no longer allowed to borrow any of Diana’s jewelery or tiaras.

Where she would wear a diamond tiara in Los Angeles is anyone’s guess. And we’re also thinking that she’s not running over to London to pick a pair of earrings to wear to an award ceremony in LA.

What this is sadly showing is that the rift in the Royal family was not patched up with the passing of Prince Philip. We’re guessing that at 95 years old the Queen would rather not be dealing with all of this.

We never push run-a-thons, walk-a-thons or any a-thon. This one is different. If you never needed the services of Hatzola, lucky you. But if you ever do need their service you will thank G-d that they exist.

Hatzalah is a volunteer emergency medical service organization serving mostly areas with Jewish communities around the world. Montreal has a few Hatzola teams. They arrive to your home literally within minutes of your call, well before the ambulance and are both extremely competent and calming. Put this number by your phone: 514.341.1818. G-d willing you will never need to use it, but it should be handy if you do.

They are having a week blitz to raise money as they pay for all their equipment. If you want to donate, here’s the link:

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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