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Where in the World is Mark Zuckerberg?

Taking a page right out of Donald Trump’s tactics of steering people away from a problem, Justin Trudeau’s trick will not work and, worse than that, will most likely cost people their lives.

Our prime minister is sending troops, of course using gender equality, to the most dangerous place in the world right now – Mali. The infamous UN has troops there and it has proven to be the bloodiest place to send said troops.

To be fair (this is sarcastic), Trudeau is sending helicopters to keep Canadian troops off the ground, where other countries vehicles have been hit by IED’s (improvised explosive device). Seriously? This is going to keep people safe?

So what problem is our illustrious prime minister trying to deflect? His disapproval of 56%.

Here’s a headline for Trudeau: People realize that they elected someone who was incapable of being prime minister, despite his lineage, and now the hens are coming home to roost.

Here’s another headline that people who voted for a pretty face are now realizing: the fact that your father was smart doesn’t mean it got downloaded to every child. Case in point: Justin Trudeau. He got the hair and looks, but missed out on the brains.

The Facebook Gefufelment: Remember when we told you, oh, about ten times, that nothing online is safe. Well, nothing online is safe.

When joining Facebook there is consent decree that requires Facebook to notify users and receive explicit permission before sharing personal data beyond their specified privacy settings.

Enter Cambridge Analytica a company that markets itself as providing consumer research, targeted advertising and other data-related services to both political and corporate clients.

The Whistleblower: Canada has a very honourable mention in this fiasco by the name of Chris Wylie who describes himself as the gay Canadian vegan who somehow ended up creating “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindf–k tool. Blanche, that’s quite a mouthful. Woah.

So why did he blow the whistle? As one of the founders of Cambridge Analytica, he says he wanted to expose a “problematic” invasion of privacy and the misuse of personal information from millions of Facebook users while working for Donald Trump’s 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

The issue at hand: According to reports, beginning in 2014, Cambridge Analytica obtained data on 50 million Facebook users via means that deceived both the users and Facebook.

The data was ‘harvested’ (good way of saying your personal information was stolen) by an application developed by a British academic, Aleksandr Kogan, the newspapers said. Some 270,000 people downloaded the application and logged in with their Facebook credentials, according to Facebook. The application gathered their data and data about their friends, and then Kogan passed the data to Cambridge Analytica.

The big mess: Cambridge Analytica said that it did not initially know Kogan violated Facebook’s terms, and that it deleted the data once it found out in 2015. Kogan could not be reached for comment.

It appears however, that the data, was not deleted. Cambridge Analytica said that the allegation was not true. Facebook said it was investigating to verify the accuracy of the claim. And where is Mark Zuckerberg in all of this? Missing in action.

Someone should help Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas with anger management.

Abbas was speaking recently, apoplectic about the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the American plan to move its embassy to the city and the cutting off of hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the U.N. agency for Palestinian “refugees.”

While he was ranting he called Ambassador David Friedman ‘the son of a dog’ for his close ties with Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Seriously? That’s what he came up with?

And while we’re at it – blaming the Jews for everything that ails the world, yet another genius stepped forward. No shortage of them.

A black Washington DC lawmaker by the name of White – how insane is that Blanche, – blamed a late-winter snowfall on a family of Jewish bankers — accusing them of controlling the climate and orchestrating natural disasters.

“ D.C. keeps talking about, ‘We a resilient city. And that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful.”

White (the black guy in case you lost your way in this story) apologized to his Jewish voters. Let’s just say if the ‘n’ word were uttered in the same context as this story, there would be marches, protests, candle vigils, CNN breaking alerts and who knows what else. Let’s just say Mr. White needs a teaching moment.

Hampstead, Blanche’s home base, is very famous these days. Council passed a bylaw last night prohibiting smoking in any public places. Hampstead is very unique in that it has zero stores or any public buildings, save city hall and the community centre so said public places are streets and sidewalks.

Some people had their shorts in an uproar because they felt that their freedom was being trodden upon. Here’s the bottom line: Hampstead’s mayor is very forward thinking and realized that when pot becomes legal, sometime this summer, parks and any place that kids (or adults) can congregate will literally become pot parties. He nipped the issue in the bud. The northeastern United States has had three nor-easters in a row and are about to get another one. Never mind that spring arrived today. They are looking at a significant accumulation of the white stuff aka snow.

It appears that there are many people in the United States with some serious mental health issues. Case in point these days is someone (or some people) most likely men, who are planting bombs all over Austin Texas. Seriously? What did that city do to deserve this?

There have been five or six bombs. The first few were targeted at people of colour or immigrants so authorities thought it was someone with an axe to grind against anyone not white. Wrong.

The next bomb was in another neighbourhood entirely, set to go off when someone triggered a wire, which happened. Last night a bomb went off in a FedEx facility. So much for immigrants.

All of Austin now has to watch where they walk, check their mail very carefully and stay away from public places. No shortage of nutcases.

We’ll talk…

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