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While Europe Burns Obama Tangos

Part of the Gian Ghomeshi case is over. It seems he is facing another trial in June. Today’s verdict was not guilty on all counts. Whether or not he is a pervert was not on the table. What was on the table was physical violence and impropriety. The women who brought forth those charges let their sisters down because they were just not honest.

They had sent Ghomeshi intimate emails after he had done what they said he did. What were they thinking? That he wouldn’t hold onto those emails? And why didn’t they tell their lawyers about those emails? Sending lewd pictures after someone has tried to choke you is insane. The feminists don’t have a leg to stand on here. They can hold up as many placards as they want, run through the streets bare-chested, scream and curse but they are dead wrong here and were duped by their friends. The Belgian authorities are completely over their heads. They have basically no anti-terrorist plan or group and appear to be fumbling in the dark. They were looking for one man, then two men, then they didn’t know how many men.

The dude they caught was living right near his mother’s house under their noses for weeks or months and they couldn’t find him. His mother is still there as was pointed out to a reporter on television.

It also seems that Israel warned Brussels that their airport was at risk. Wherever ELAL planes fly, Israeli agents go into the airport to assess its vulnerability. Airport authorities were told in no uncertain terms that the airport was ripe for a terrorist attack. No one heeded their words and sadly they were right.

What the country of Belgium now has to do is reach out to those countries who know which end is up. Israel, the United States, England are a few that come to mind. There is no shame in asking for help, especially when they are waiting for the next shoe to drop and have no way to stop it.

It is also telling that the US issued a travel alert to Americans. What was so unusual about this alert was that it was not aimed at a country or city but an entire continent. Americans are being told to stay out of Europe and if they do go stay away from tourist attractions, airports, subways, restaurant etc. What’s the point of going?

Sadly, isis seems to be winning this battle. With a few strategically planned attacks they have paralyzed not only the tourist industry, but entire countries.

Do not get sick from June 24 onward for ten weeks. It seems the brand new super hospital is going to close many beds for the summer. Hey, maybe they think getting sick goes on vacation?

Again and again we say that we live in a backwater place where bribes and dishonesty rule the day. These closures only foment these truths. The fact that the government has no money to fix this issue is proof that they are in bed with everyone else.

The US election race has gone from ridiculous to dangerous. Both Trump and Cruz sound like total nutcases. We are loathe to write this but Hillary is the only one who made any sense yesterday. She looked like a president and spoke like one. She ripped apart what both Trump and Cruz said making them look foolish and inexperienced.

We can’t believe we are writing this, but after all is said and done, Trump would be an unmitigated disaster, Cruz is a loose cannon and Kaisch is so far behind that he can only hope to be asked to be a vice president. What does that leave us with? Not Sanders the socialist. In the end, it leaves one almost no choice but to vote for Hillary. While Belgium and the rest of Europe burns, where was Obama last night? At a state dinner in Argentina doing the tango with a very scantily dressed woman. It was bad enough that he went to baseball game on Tuesday the day of the attacks. Last night’s fiasco was in such poor taste as to be off the radar of poor taste.

Some say that Obama didn’t know this woman was going to haul him out of his chair and in front of an entire room do a sensual romp around the room with him. But his handlers certainly knew this was coming. No one touches the prez without them knowing. Somebody didn’t use their head, to put it mildly. The visual is off the negative charts.

Only in America can Bark and Borrow become a business. For people who don’t want the whole shpiel of owning a dog or live in tight quarters where sharing anything but a mosquito would be an issue, along comes Bark and Borrow. People lend out their dogs for a day or overnight. Believe it or not, there are 50,000 users nationwide, about 10,000 of them in the New York area. Arf. Arf.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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