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The issues surrounding Trump’s covid diagnosis are not  simple. For starters, it is not unusual for medical authorities to hold back about a president’s condition. This is not a new phenomena.

Roosevelt’s paralysis caused by polio was hidden by having the press snap photos of him in ways that hid his wheelchair. Eisenhower was hospitalized with a heart attack, but his press operation initially told reporters he had an upset stomach.

Given that, Trump’s newest doctor, Sean Conley looked like a real dufus when asked by reporters if Trump had been administered oxygen on Friday or Saturday. His cute ‘he’s not on oxygen now’ is not an answer. In the end, Conley apologized and acknowledged that Trump was indeed short of breath and had been on  oxygen on Friday.

So before you start sounding like CNN, take a deep breath. However…

For Trump to say that you don’t have to be afraid of covid is both irresponsible and untrue. The majority of people this time around will most likely not get a terrible case of this virus. The problem is, no one knows if they are in the small percentage that will get very, very ill or be one of the ‘long-haulers’ who suffer for a long time after the disease has left them.

That don’t be afraid statement is a green light for all the anti-maskers, anti-vaccers and any other geniuses out there who think the whole pandemic is a hoax. As well, as all the talking heads have been rightly saying, Trump is being given any medicine known to man to fight the virus, including steriods which cause a multitude of problems.

And the fact that he says he has not felt better in 20 years is directly associated with those steroids. As is not being able to sleep, wanting to eat the contents of an entire refrigerator and serious weight gain. We speak from experience. The cure is nasty, as he will shortly find out.

As for that ill-considered SUV ride to wave to his adoring fans on Sunday, it was irresponsible on many levels.

Why was he allowed to leave the hospital, never mind his room, to get into a hermetically sealed van with two or three other people for way too long a period of time?

No pleb can leave their hospital room, let alone the hospital when they are so contagious. As president he should be setting an example, not showing that he can break the rules when he so chooses. That’s where Trump loses us.

And not telling the truth as to when he was contagious also sends wrong messages. The only way to stop this virus is to stay away from people when you have been exposed. By hiding that he was positive he put tens of people in harms way. Again irresponsible as president.

Here’s something to make you shiver. Bernie Sanders says he’s prepared to be in charge of health care if Biden gets elected. That’s enough to make a person run under the covers, with a weighted blanket and a very dark eye mask, only to come up after the election. Or, go bake cookies to alleviate the stress of such a thought.

Quebec’s premier Legault is not telling us the whole story of what is happening in Quebec these days. He’s busy deflecting the blame for high numbers on schools, movie theatres, museums and restaurants but somehow forgetting to tell us that caregivers are still, at this moment, going from one senior home to another which he said the last round would absolutely stop.

If you recall, that was the reason so many seniors died in March, April and May. Pretending it’s not happening is not taking care of the situation. It is hiding the truth and he should be called out on it.

He’s very fast to punish the many for what the few idiots are doing, but won’t tell everyone how bad his own government is? And one more thing. Why can’t there be data to show where the majority of cases are coming from? Schools? Restaurants? Parks? Gyms? Movie Theatres? There is no doubt that someone in the world has such an app or program that the Quebec sais faire government can get their hands on.

But of course if it’s written in English it’s verboten here. Better to force everyone to say home for a month or two.

Once we’re on the subject of geniuses, the picture in today’s blog tells it all. On a street in Cote des Neiges, the city was busy painting white bicycle lines. Blanche, do you know what month we are in? No? You forgot? We’ll tell you. We’re in October which is followed by November and then December and would you look at that – winter! Even Jean Guy  won’t be riding his bike then.

You will also notice that they painted said lines in the dead of night. Did they really think no one would see? There are simply no words for the utter stupidity of Montreal’s mayor Plante and the borough mayor Montgomery. Remember this when the election rolls around.

Tomorrow night is the debate between vice-presidential candidates Pence and Harris. Can we talk? If Kamala Harris loses her cool, she could eat Pence for breakfast, lunch and supper. There would be nothing left of him save his lily white hair and maybe an eyelash or two. 

Biden’s peeps are trying to make sure she is able to hold her vicious temper in check. Time will tell. Gritting her teeth and being sarcastic is also a non-starter. She has to look and act vice-presidential – not like a defense attorney out for the kill.

A final note about Trump. Can people get a grip about him taking off his mask as he stood on the balcony? Here’s a headline: No one was around him. He’s not shedding virus on people from that balcony.

On the other hand – he wants to go back into the Oval Office tomorrow. He doesn’t care or want to know that he is still contagious. Honestly – he’s like a child who is bored and cannot be told the word no. We’re waiting to hear that he wants to go to a rally on Friday or Saturday. If his handlers let him do that, they should all be fired.

Update: Quebec has the absolute worst numbers of covid-19 in the entire country and has done so for a few days. What’s up here? What is the government not telling us? There’s a big piece of the puzzle missing here.

We’ll talk…

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