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Yes, Blanche is Here on Monday to Give You Some of the Good News…the Loo is open again in the

Blanche is blogging today as tomorrow night is Yom Kippur and we will be offline. We’ll be back on Thursday. Have an easy fast.

Well, at least they realised how idiotic they looked. We speak of the CAQ party, led by Premier Legault, supposedly an ex-separatist. The latest nonsensical edict which was walked back today, was not allowing a salesperson to say bonjour and hi when you walk into a store. Up until today, they were only going to be allowed to say bonjour.

Can we talk? The French Canadian birthrate is 1.69 children per woman, far below the replacement rate of 2.1. What that means is immigrants will populate the province at a far quicker rate than French Canadians and in one or two generations the population will reflect this. When that happens, Bonjour hi will be the least of their problems. Away donc la.

Ilhan Omar, one of the four big mouth squadronchicks has filed for divorce amid allegations that she had an affair with DC-based political consultant Tim Mynett. That should keep her busy and her mouth shut for a while.

Can we have a conversation about seniors? Say you’re 78 years old and have a heart attack requiring two stents be put into your coronary arteries. The most basic recovery time is 4-6 weeks.

Well, Zaidy Bernie is 78 years old, had a heart attack and is waiting nowhere near 4-6 weeks to get back to work. He plans to be at the democratic debate next week. That of course means prepping for said debate. It also means that he’s ignoring his condition which is dumb at best, dangerous at worst.

Elizabeth Warren is 70, Bernie 78 and Joe Biden 76, Donald Trump is 73 and in the best health of all three democrats. The guy has energy like a 30 year old, while Biden is very s.l.o.w. and Bernie is now severely compromised. Warren, the only woman in the equation seems to be healthy. Figures.

The biggest problem now in the Democratic Party is that the young’uns running for the presidential nomination are all socialists. If the party doesn’t want an old man or woman, their choices are very limited.

Donald Trump is being attacked from all sides. To say that this is consuming most of his time and energy would the understatement.

However, not only is he busy with this, so are the democrats. Instead of hearing what the candidates are saying or doing, we keep hearing about Trump’s issues. This will not bode well for the democrats. If they do get a vote to begin impeachment proceedings, it will eat up all the air in the room.

If that’s the plan of the democrats, our guess is that it won’t work out well for them. By the time they get to the convention, Trump will no doubt turn the tables and he will be eating all the airtime. Did you see that whiff of dust? That was the democrat party.

Tonight is the English debate between all the candidates – Trudeau, Scheer, Singh, May, Bernier and Blanchet (of the Bloc Quebecois).

A lot is riding on this debate as there are many people who have not yet made their minds up as to whom they are voting for.

Keep in mind that even though you may be fond of the member of parliament in your district, to get the prime minister you want, you need to vote for the person running for that party in your district. Every vote counts. Remember that. Every vote counts. So get out and vote if you don’t want more of the same drivel for another five years.

Mercifully, there are some loos in the metro system. Unfortunately, for a week or two, until the authorities found their brains again, one needed to apply to use the loo and wait five or so days until said approval was granted.

While this may sound like it belongs in a cartoon or off-beat comedy, it is the truth and as they say, truth is way stranger than fiction.

Seems the loo restrictions were lifted today and phew! one can take advantage of them again. Of course things have to be very bad if one needs to resort to using the loo in the subway. Imagine? Never mind. Don’t.

We’ll talk…

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