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Yet Another Sad Day in America

The headline says it all: Another Killer on Psych Drugs. Let’s see what the NRA has to say about the latest horrific murders. Simple people doing nothing more than learning to be better human beings murdered in cold blood ostensibly because they were black. And as usual the media is focusing on the person who did the killing and not on the victims and their families.

Who cares who that sick person was. He’s never seeing the light of the day again anyway. Here’s something for the NRA to contemplate: Sick people who get hold of guns kill people. And it’s pretty obvious that there are a lot of very sick people wandering around and even more obvious that anyone, mentally ill or not, can get their hands on deadly weapons. In this case, the boys’ father actually bought him the gun. He should go to prison together with his son if he could not identify how ill his son was.

In one of the more bizarre parts of this story, a gun ad appeared on the front page of the Charleston newspaper where these murders happened. It says that for $30 you can get the whole deal – guns, bullets etc. Something is very wrong in America.

The US government announced yesterday that it plans to put a woman on a $10 bill. Sounds good so far. The sentence goes on to say it won’t be until 2020. They can’t find a woman until then? Really? Here’s a headline for them: They should not have put this out until the very end of 2019 and then say in a month we’re doing this. Not the brightest chips in the box.

Did you know that all the servers of the US State Department have been down since June 12? Bet ya didn’t. They certainly are keeping it a big secret. Did you also know that they went down the same time last year?

Here’s what we learned on a recent road trip: Places like the State Department are supposed to have what is called redundant servers. That means that as someone is posting something in their office, say in Washington, it gets put on multiple servers at the same time. These servers are hidden away locations in the world. So if one server goes down, poof! you will be able to use another one with but a moment’s pause.

So last year when the servers went down in the State Department, they were supposed to have installed said redundant servers. Now they are down again and when asked if the extra servers were installed the answer was…no comment. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that they were not installed. Had they been, the State Department would not be paralyzed for almost a week and counting.

Who is responsible for this fiasco? The company that got paid gzillions of dollars to install the servers. And where are they? Who knows. A tunnel was opened this morning going from the Vendome metro station into the new hospital. Unfortunately, if you are in a wheelchair or have any kind of physical incapacity, say a broken leg, you’re outta luck getting to the hospital. There is not nor will be for a ‘few years’, wheelchair access from where the public transportation ends to the hospital.

The people responsible for this error should be fined and forced to sit in a wheelchair until this ‘error’ is fixed. They would certainly become more sensitive to the needs of people who need this kind of access. We venture to say that it would be months and not years before said access would be built. We wonder if this kind of colossal incompetence happens in other cities.

Michelle Obama went to London last week. While there she decided to visit a school in a place called Tower Hamlets in East London. So guess what kind of school she visited? A 100% muslim school where all the girls wear hijabs.

So why did she choose that particular school? She wants to show diversity, that she loves everyone equally. Guess what? More than 90 per cent of the pupils are Muslim, from a predominantly Bangladeshi background. That make-up pretty much reflects the demography of the surrounding area. There is no diversity there. And it’s a huge part of what ails London. What a genius.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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