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You Can’t Teach Humanity

In case you do not know what has transpired in Israel in the past few days we will give you a brief synopsis. Last week a young couple were returning home with their four children when their car was ambushed. The parents were murdered, shot in front of the children. It seems that because it was dark and the children remained silent, they were spared.

This past Friday night, a young couple were walking toward the Kotel in Jerusalem when they were attacked by a knife-wielding arab. He stabbed and killed two people, one a 22 year old father – Aharon Banita-Bennett, the other Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, father of seven who tried to thwart the attack. Bennett’s wife was badly injured. Their 2 year-old baby was also injured. Bennett has a brother living in Montreal and his parents were here visiting him and his family. When Shabbat came in on Friday night, they had no idea that their son was murdered.

Last night was the holiday of Simchat Torah and the Consul General of Israel was present at our synagogue festivities. He stood up to address a room packed with well over 700 men, women and children. He had no microphone as it was a Jewish holiday. The room was silent when he spoke. “On Saturday night I had to wait outside the home of the parents of Aharon Banita-Bennett, obm until Shabbat ended to tell his parents that their son had been murdered.” He spoke quietly, telling the crowd that Aharon was already buried and that the parents were flying home tonight at 9:00 pm. To show solidarity, to show that no matter where Jews live in the world when one is in pain, we are all in pain, he asked that people gather in front of the brother’s home to bid farewell to the parents on their journey home to sit shiva for their son. We, as did a few hundred people, heeded his call.

We stood shoulder to shoulder, some quietly singing, others silent. There were no speeches. Watching the parents emerge from the house was one of the most moving moments we have encountered in a very long time. As they left, the crowd parted to allow the car to depart, people following behind.

We will not wade into Israeli politics, it’s too complicated and too heated. What we will suggest is that you take 1:29 seconds to watch the clip that someone took of the murders at the Kotel. Watch the arabs standing around, one casually drinking a coke as he witnessed what was transpiring, listening to the screams of the woman as she ran with a knife in her back. You can’t teach humanity. It’s either inbred or not.

A final note about this: The BBC first reported that an Arab had been shot after an Israeli attack. After the Israeli government threatened to remove the credentials of all their reporters they backtracked and wrote the story as it happened.

Seems the Federal government is not happy that  raw sewage will be dumped into Montreal’s St. Lawrence river starting October 18. No kidding.

The mayor continues to insist that both he, and the Quebec environment ministry, examined the plan to dump the untreated wastewater into the river carefully before moving ahead with it.

“I know one thing. [Quebec environment minister] David Heurtel did his homework. The department of the environment of Quebec did its homework,” Mayor Coderre says. “Because they’re all working with the experts, and we’re providing all the tools and all the answers that they need.”

We will site but one example of quebec ministers and engineers doing their homework. When the Metropolitan exit of St. Laurent was being redone due to constant flooding, engineers and ministers and all kinds of people ‘did their homework’. After they finished the work, which took eons, guess what happened the first time it rained heavily? The exit still flooded. Someone made a mistake and they are now re-doing it for a second time.

This raw sewage business  is  a result of redoing a highway. If anyone believes that anyone in charge knows what they are doing, we have swampland for you in Florida. The ‘experts’ have all the answers? They don’t have answers, they don’t know what they are doing and don’t drink the water for five days starting October 18. Pardon the pun, but they are all full of it.

Hillary Clinton’s email woes continue to haunt her. Just when she thought that finding 30,000 emails would be enough to put the dogs at bay, she got another smack. The State Department has told her to go back and search for still more emails, releasing a letter Tuesday urging her to see whether her Internet providers can recover any of the messages believed to be missing from a “gap” during her first months in office.

Seems that she’s ‘missing’ two months of emails in that 30,000 bunch. Blanche, imagine sifting through all those emails? It’s enough that we have our own 500 or so unread. 30,000? Mind-boggling.

Most people know that the United Nations is a crock. Here’s some proof:

Federal prosecutors indicted John Ashe, the former president of the U.N. General Assembly, on charges that he’d received close to $1.3 million in bribes from Chinese real estate developers. Quel surprise. Reminds us of the olympics. Here’s a list of some of the money he spent:

Two Rolex watches – $54,000 A new BMW X5 – $40,000 South Carolina country club membership – $69,000 Home basketball court – $30,000

We especially like this last one: A bribe for the Prime Minister of Antigua – $100,000

Blanche, one day the chickens will come home to roost. Dis is just the opening salvo.

We’ll talk…

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