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This past September Elizabeth Truss, as the new Prime Minister, met with the Queen just two days before she passed away. A few days ago she met with King Charles III (it will take a long time to get used to that one) to meet and greet the new king and today she is meeting with him again to give him her resignation. That's a revolving door if we ever saw one.

The new prime minister will be chosen by the conservative party within a week. Nothing grows under the feet of those staid Englishmen, eh Blanche? Seems Boris Johnson has made enough money speaking in the US to go back to England to run for PM again.

In the face of upcoming heating shortages this winter, Truss presented the Brits with part of her finance ideas - less tax on the rich. You can imagine how well that went over on people who will most likely face a significant risk of gas shortages this winter, which could also hit electricity supplies. A gas supply emergency could impose “load shedding” on the largest consumers, forcing gas-fired power stations to close. Ergo, no heat in your house.

Watching BBC today we could not but be in awe of how polite the politicians sound, even while dropping the f-bomb.

We were waiting for it like sleet in July. Bernard Drainville was appointed education minister in czar legault's government. Drainville is a pitbull. Plain and simple.

In case you forgot, we will remind you that it was Drainville who, as a cabinet minister in Marois Parti Quebecois government, was responsible for the drafting of Bill 60 in 2013 — better known as the infamous charter of values. Remember that bill? It proposed a total ban on religious symbols in the public sector. He is an arrogant, pompous, power-hungry, do-you-know-who-I-am jerk. And that's a nice description of him.

The ultimate goal of the charter of values was to create a secular society for Quebec. So between Drainville and the czar, slowly but surely they are getting their wish.

It is to be noted that Pascale Dery, the Sephardic Jewish woman from Montreal who, while she says she is a federalist, supports both Bill 21 and 96. She got a cabinet post as minister of higher education which is why she ran in the first place. Clearly to further her career at the expense of losing her reputation in her own community. Why doesn't she move to Repentigny where she got elected? Why is she living in a Jewish area? She's a traitor.

Australia should stick to breeding kangaroos. When they locked their country down for 2 years during covid we thought how are people not revolting there? Now they won't recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Exactly who are they to determine Israel's capital city?

Gets better. Their foreign minister is a woman by the name of Penny Wong. Given her last name, we wonder if she ever set foot in Israel. And, she's the perfect woke example: Oriental (is that the politically correct term?) lesbian (again not sure if that is pc) and a woman. Doesn't get better than that for the liberal-save-the-whale crowd. But we digress.

She's the mouth for the prime minister of Australia, a guy by the name of Anthony Albanese.

He just woke up from the covid sleep for two years and punkt - decided to tick off Israel? Clearly they don't want any Jewish tourists there.

Oh yes. One more thing. As of October 5, 2022 Australia had 27,149 cases of covid. So those two years of lockdown were a complete waste because so many people got it anyway. That number doesn't count those who don't test, of which we are sure there are many.

In the NIMBY (not-in-my-back-yard) department, New York has opened up a tent city on Randall Island to house the busloads of 'asylum seekers' being shipped there by Florida, Texas and other republican states.

The 'city' houses 500 beds, laundry facilities, sofas, big-screen TV's, and games. New Yorkers are afraid these people may never leave.

One minute. Isn't Biden the save-the-whales-in-chief? Didn't the peeps in NY vote democrat? Aren't they happy with Biden's come-on-down policy? But we digress.

Randall Island is between Queens and Manhattan. The big issue is that it is open to the elements and with winter coming it's going to be mighty cold there. Blanche, do you think Randall Island was chosen by the huggy-we-love-all-immigrant democrats because they really don't want all these 'asylum seekers' in their backyard but how would that look? Exactly like it is. Ridiculous.

Zaidy Bernie (Sanders) wants to try to save the democrats so he's planning an eight-state blitz with at least 19 events over the final two weekends before the midterm elections, looking to rally young voters and progressives.

Seems he's a little bit concerned that the energy level for young and working-class people is not as high as it should be. No kidding.

Their energy is being spent fighting the crime in their neighborhoods because his party ran on the infamous defund the police platform. And now their dream is coming true.

They are reaping the 'rewards' of less police with high crime, rampant home invasions and shrieking mobs swarming and robbing stores. Makes you want to vote democrat again, eh? Not.

Here's a good one. Kamala Harris has hired her third speech writer. Can we talk?

Her speech writers are not the problem. She's the problem. She cannot say one word off script without putting both feet into her mouth and sounding like a complete dolt.

Speech writers cannot give her a brain. Remember the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz who wished he had a brain? Bingo. That ladies and gents is the vice-president of the United States. A reincarnation of the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

Blanche, did you know that there are about 5 billion old phones rolling around the world? Did you know that what's in those phones leeches into the water?

Does Montreal' save-the-world-whales-trees-turtles-I-hate-cars mayor Valerie Plante know that making us pay $1.15 per bag to carry our potatoes and tomatoes is making less than zero difference in the world? Oh wait. Thailand also banned plastic bags. But they got creative. See the picture:)

We want to know if Plante rides her bicycle with Sue Montgomery to pick up her laundry while holding her eggs, tomatoes and potatoes and then picking up the milk she forgot. Quite the balancing act, eh? Sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous. Go to New York and you'll get as many bags as you need. With a smile. #plantemustgowithjustin.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...


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