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Yes, Blanche is alive and well.

Although Blanche comes in Tuesday and Thursday, we thought that you should have a preview of our new look.

We’re done with Mail Chimp and have switched to Constant Contact. Not for the faint of heart, especially hearts over 50 to put it mildly.

To even attempt this, one needs the help of very young, agile and quick minds. Fortunately for us, we did not go anywhere near our Prime Minister, who has neither a young, agile or quick mind.

Rather, much to his chagrin, we found a young woman to help us.

With luck, no one will be unsubscribed and you will now be receiving Blanche complete with pictures.

One more thing. A good friend said that she is lodging a complaint about the weather. No kidding. Tomorrow is freezing rain. Does no one up there know it’s April?

We’ll talk…

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