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Your Tax Dollars At Work.

In a unanimous decision handed down Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled provincial trade barriers are constitutional. Canada’s constitution simply “does not impose absolute free trade across Canada,” it declared.

While the European Union got caught with its pants down vis-a-vis illegal immigrants able to cross borders freely, someone shopping in Italy can freely cross into Switzerland with goods purchased. It’s good for everyone’s business.

No doubt the elephant in the room was the upcoming legalization of pot/weed/marjuana. Who wants to open that can of worms, allowing people to buy said drugs in any province? It would create a massive super sale and all the provinces would lose money.

The SAQ here in Quebec must have been having heart palpatations thinking that we would be able to go to Ontario and buy liquor without having to pay exorbitant taxes. They can now breathe again. As usual, it is the taxpayer who loses out yet again.

It appears that ex-FBI Director James Comey is not going to come out of this hoopla unscathed. He likes to do things in a big, exuberant way and he will be getting his wish in spades.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is set to release some of his memos and it would appear that at least one of said memos (if not more) contained classified information.

Comey admitted to sharing those memos with a law school professor. That could land him in some serious trouble, as officials maintain that they hadn’t yet determined whether they contained sensitive or classified material that prevented disclosing them to Congress. This story is not over by a long shot.

Our prime minister, Justin Trudeau is in London. Is he dealing with trade, economic issues, pipelines perhaps? Well, he might be…tomorrow. Today he was busy saying that Canada will always be a voice and an ally for LGBTQ2 people. “This morning in London, I met with members of @CWEquality to talk about how we can keep challenging the status quo so more people can live fully & freely across the Commonwealth.” Your tax dollars at work yet again

Blanche, you know that about 400 people a day are crossing the border at Lacolle? And you do know they are coming directly from the United States, not from third world countries? And you do know that many other immigrant families are using the ‘old fashioned’ way of actually applying to the government to get their families into Canada?

All of this brought to you by our warm and fuzzy prime minister Justin Trudeau who told all these immigrants, a la Wheel of Fortune to ‘Come on down!”.

Yes, come to Canada if the US doesn’t want you. We’ll take you in, pay you money, put you up in hotels, give you free health care and education. Ah, you are asking. Who is paying for all of this? Guess. Your tax dollars at work yet again. Go on, re-elect Trudeau again. His hand is already directly in your wallet.

Guess who just came aboard to be on Trump’s personal legal team? None other than Rudy Guiliani. See Blanche, that’s why he never became Secretary of State.

To unmuddle your mind from all this news, here are a few travel stats:

The busiest airport in the world is Atlanta with 104 million passengers last year. Dat’s a lotta people. A not-too distant second is Beijing with 96 million travelers.

Ok. Now for the airlines. Based on factors such as on-time performance, denied boardings, mishandled luggage and and other customer complaints…Alaska Airlines came in first. Go know.

Worldwide, the top ten airlines are: Qantas, Air New Zealand, British Airways Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. You may be wondering where Air Canada is on this list. So are they. Perhaps they need to look in a mirror.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk..

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