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450 Kilometers of Bike Lanes to be Plowed This Winter. Another Genius City of Montreal Idea.

In case you thought that maybe vegans are, shall we say a tad on the extreme side, wonder no more. Blanche, could it be because they eat like birds and they are humans? We digress. The Bank of England put out some new polymer banknotes because they are harder to counterfeit.  Sounds normal, eh?

Well, it appears that vegans got wind (Blanche, don’t confuse that with passing wind), that these new banknotes contain minute quantities of tallow, a hard beef byproduct. Lest you think that England is the only one using tallow, we can tell you that virtually all of the world’s plastic bills have this ingredient. Can we talk?

These people are not normal. Are they eating the money? Is it the first ingredient in the plastic? Do they not wear leather shoes or have a leather wallet or perhaps a leather belt? Is someone going through their life with a microscope make sure they own zero products that may contain traces of tallow? No. Blanche, people are just plain bored with their lives.

In the past few months in Montreal there were two pit bull attacks that we know of. In the first attack a dog got lose from his backyard, ran into the neighbours back yard and mauled a woman to death. In the second case, a young child was playing in the park and was attacked by a dog of this breed.

Yesterday, the Crown decided not to lay charges in the attack last summer that killed the woman. The other case will have charges. Are these people normal? Is this province run like a banana republic? Indeed.

The man who’s dog killed the woman also suffered said the judge as he lost his dog. What? Can you say that again? A woman died because a dog bit her to death and the owner is not responsible?

The ex-mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillaincourt is off to jail for 6 years. Well not exactly six years. As he’s already 76 years old, he will most likely get out for good behaviour in, um, let’s see, 2 months? Ok. Maybe a year.

The best part of this story is that he has to pay back $9 million. One minute.  If that’s what he has to pay back from ripping off anyone who did anything with the city of Laval, how much more money does he have stashed away? And where is it?

We are pretty sure that such practices take place in many other cities all over the world. It’s called pay for play. The difference is that here they are very stupid and get caught.

In case you thought that Trump and Obama are having a bromance, think again. Today Obama filed what appears to be a standard edict stopping the move of US embassy to Jerusalem for 6 months, weeks before Trump takes office.

This was done of course because Trump said publicly that he wanted to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Obviously Obama is not happy with this decision, to put it mildly. So much for being friends.

This next piece is serious shtus – nonsense, but we couldn’t resist. It appears that Megyn Kelly is set to move from Fox News to CNN. What is holding back the announcement is the $20 million she is demanding. In case you forgot who she is, we will remind you that she had a huge fight with Donald Trump on the air. In the end of course, he won the election. Can we talk?

The only people worth $20 million are doctors who save peoples lives. People who value news anchors over doctors and surgeons need to re-examine their own values. She’s a talking head with a pretty face. What is she contributing to the world aside from some news analysis? That she fought with Trump? Spare us. The world is sheker – one big lie.

Jill Stein head of the green party is another beauty. The world is done with the US election. It was ugly, loud, in-your-face and lower than low. Everybody voted and Trump won. So what’s the problem here?

Jill Stein has demanded recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Stein didn’t lose the election so much as she disappeared in it. More than 134 million ballots have been counted so far. Stein received fewer than 1.5 million of them. That’s barely a percentage point of the overall popular vote. Even Hillary said to give it up.

It appears however that there is an ulterior motive in requesting a recount. By asking people to fund her recount, she inherits their email addresses. Way more email addresses than she got during the campaign. Always a reason people do things, eh Blanche?

What would Blanche be without something about Trump? Here’s a good one. Seems he got flack for going directly to Carrier to negotiate a deal to keep most of the jobs in America instead of letting them go to Mexico. By the way, in the USA union workers get between $15 and $20 per hour. In Mexico workers, not unionized, get between $15 and $20 a day. But we digress.

He was told it’s not ‘presidential’ to go directly to companies. People just don’t get it. He’s not going to do anything presidential or if he does, it will be on his terms. His response: “I think it’s very presidential. And if it’s not presidential, that’s OK because I like doing it. We’re going to have a lot of phone calls made to companies when they say they’re leaving this country because they’re not going to leave this country.” Good for him.

It’s about time bureaucracy got turned over on its head. And there would be no better place for that to happen than here in Quebec, where we are to absolute kings and masters of bureaucracy. In fact, the government is our main employer.

Mayor Coderre is back again with another insane statement. Seems this winter they are going to be able to plow 450 kilometres of bike paths. For exactly who are they doing this? The ten people who ride their bikes with sleet hitting their faces and slush hitting their backside making them completely wet. Sounds like fun, eh Blanche?

How about putting normal sand on the sidewalks instead of those stones which do not melt the ice. That would be money well spent.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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