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A Good Old Fashioned Nor’Easter…YES!!!

Kate and William aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William is next in line to be king after his father Chuck) are in New York on their very first visit to the Big Apple. Too bad for them they chose to go in December as the weather is g.r.o.s.s. Raining, wet, cold and windy. Not conducive for a walkabout. But we digress. Last night the Clinton’s co-hosted them at a shmancy event  where of course there were pictures taken. Can we talk?

Someone is out to get Hillary Clinton. There’s a picture of her shaking hands with Kate, who looks dignified and is smiling sweetly. Hillary? Oy vey. Her mouth is wide open, her eyes popping out and she’s wearing some kind of shawl that looks like a hooked rug. She could be one of the least photogenic people we have ever seen. Either that or, as we said, someone out there doesn’t want her elected to anything.

This next piece is not going to make you feel good. Today it was revealed that the most traveled bridge in all of Canada, our very own Champlain bridge, is deteriorating faster than ever. The ‘experts’ are saying that they don’t know if the reinforcement work on the beams would last past 2018, if the new bridge is delivered late. Late? Have you seen anyone working in the water lately? All we heard about the new bridge was a fight about the name. We saved the best – or worst – for last:

They are introducing new signage on the bridge for trucks in the spring to keep them in center lanes during rush hour. Why?  To keep excess weight off the beams which are under the side lanes. Oy vey.

We read an interesting little ditty: therapists now encourage cooking and baking as cures for depression. Wait, we have more revelations. They also found that healthy cooking and eating in groups is a good thing because being around others “can boost social skills and confidence’. Someone actually got paid to do research about this? Come on.

Like no one knows eating toast alone in a depressingly quiet kitchen is going to keep them, if not make them, depressed. Honestly, this is common sense. How about paying us for telling them other stuff like eating a piece of chocolate will make you feel good. As opposed to eating grass and tree-bark which keeps you hungry and crabby, albeit skinny.

Guess how many people can fit on the biggest cruise ship in the world? Take a wild guess. 5,400 people. This mother-of-all-ships has 21 swimming pools and its own replica of Central Park. This isn’t a ship, it’s a floating town. Unless one likes crowds, may we suggest a smaller ship? Say 2,000 people? We won’t even imagine the scenario if something happens to the bathrooms. Ugh. There’s a new Sony movie coming out…maybe, about North Korea called Guardians of the Peace. The movie is about entertainment journalists who get recruited by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. Guess what? Kim Jung Un doesn’t like the movie or its plot.

As we reported last week, Sony was hacked big time. Well, it seems they didn’t really know how badly they were invaded. Aside from exposing some of the studio’s internal operations to public view and compromising the studio’s inner business workings, one new leak may put Hollywood celebrities on high alert: a cache of documents that reveal the secret aliases used by actors and actresses to check into hotels and book car services.

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for directors, producers, publicists, cast members, and crew were made public. One star had his social security number made public. Of course North Korea is denying it’s them that did this. We can’t say for sure because we’re not Agatha Christie, but we think they are not telling the truth.

As we are weather aficionados, we saved our favorite piece for the end. At last a Nor’easter is coming our way. In case you’re new to Blanche, we’ll tell you what a Nor’easter is: a storm or wind blowing from the northeast, usually large in nature. Before you shoot the computer read on.

We’re ‘winter’ folks and as such we need winter – snow, cold and wind. Aside from the frost getting rid of all the pollen, isn’t it nice to sit in your house and watch the snow fall? Try it. Close all the lights and look out the window. It’s beautiful. We’re getting about 8-10 inches of snow so either call your gardener or buy a shovel, only if you’re in good shape. Otherwise call a kid to shovel you out.

We’ll talk…

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