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In the very-clear-message department, there was a quiet, yet very clear statement made at Montreal's Israel rally on Tuesday.

It is to be noted that the rally is privately funded, clearly by someone who is very well connected.

Guess who was not asked to speak at the rally on Tuesday? None other than Montreal's MP for the liberal party in the Mount Royal riding, Anthony Housefather who was there taking as many pictures with people as his little hand could shake.

And who did speak? Conservative MP for Thornhill in Toronto Melissa Lantsman who was brought in for the event.

In this case actions and words spoke very loudly. Clearly we are not the only ones who understand that although Housefather posts endlessly with his 'adoring' fans, he made the mistake of his life when he chose to stay with Justin.

As an aside, staying the Justin is akin to marrying someone. You don't just marry a person, you marry his or her whole family.

Housefather didn't just stay with Justin. Along with Justin, he also stayed with all those who have abandoned Israel - Melanie Joly, Freeland, Saks and all the muslims in the liberal party who support hamas.

And no, we are not letting go of this. Housefather chose not only to stay but to be out there pretending that things are as they were. The reality is far from that, as those attending the Israel rally saw when he was ignored and Melissa spoke.

Can someone please explain why Justin can't say two words without rolling his sleeves up?

Does this open a special path to his brain?

Does it make him feel like one of the boys? Does he think this makes him look sexy?

Is he stalling to find the answer to a question way over his head?

Asking for a friend.

We are definitely going to have popcorn ready for Thursday June 27. If it actually happens, it's going to be the show of the year.

We are speaking of the debate between Biden and Trump. Our guess is that if it does actually take place Biden is going to have an earpiece with someone feeding him every answer. Which will mean at least a 10-15 second delay in his response.

And, if he's able to - Biden will babble nonsense until the response comes in. Then his handlers will have to pray he gets it right. Or, the response will be repeated very slowly by Biden as his handlers speak into his ear.

There is no way on earth he can keep up with Trump.

Sadly, we are betting that these debates will never really take place. Biden will have sore throat or covid or the flu or whatever.

Even woke, democratic California has its limits.

The President of Sonoma State University - Ming-Tung Lee who is clearly not white and not Jewish - was placed on leave after agreeing to anti-Israel protest demands, including ‘academic boycott’ of Israel. This genius sent out an email announcing this boycott to the school and we are guessing the board.

Also part of Ming-Tung Lee's agreement with the anti-Semites on his campus was a promise to disclose university vendor contracts and seek “divestment strategies and create an advisory council of Students for Justice in Palestine.

It appears Ming-Tung Lee sent this email out minus the approval of no less than the chancellor of the university.

Ming-Tung Lee resigned yesterday. We will refrain from writing the comments we really want to say.

In the put-your-money-where-your- mouth is department, Tech adviser Jacob Helberg, who previously has donated large sums to Democrats, has joined a wave of big money donors rejecting President Joe Biden and supporting Trump for president in 2024.

Four years ago, Helberg was using his money and influence to support Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s doomed campaign for president. That was a fail.

Helberg’s drift toward Trump is part of a trend of Democratic supporters who, disenchanted with Biden’s presidency, have taken a second look at Trump and like what they see, given the circumstances.

Now we're really looking forward to the debate in June.

In his totally fake and deceptive 'I want to save the plant' bs - it has come to light that Justin and his moronic losers spent over $3 milllion of your tax dollars to attend the 28th United Nations climate change conference, commonly known as COP28, that took place in Dubai.

Now get this: Canada’s delegation was no less than 633 people.

Are you kidding? 633 people to go to a climate change conference? And these people are saving the planet? They have the biggest carbon footprint known to man.

And finally where in the world is Pascale Dery quebec's minister of higher education?

Last time we looked McGill is an institution of higher learning - with spoiled stupid brats with no life and no idea what they are talking about camping out exactly on the McGill's land.

Isn't what happens there exactly her purview?

Did Legault not feed her the correct lines to repeat like the parrot she is? Or does she not know what's going on? Either way she looks like a fool.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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